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The Colony of New York was founded in 1664. New York and New Jersey became English colonies because the English wanted worship their religion.


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Originally New Amsterdam a Dutch Colony it became the English Colony of New York.

The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became the English colony of New York.

The Dutch sold their colony of New Amsterdam to the English, and this colony eventually became New York.

1702 it became a English colony when the Duke of York demanded the charters

It was a Dutch West India Company colony called New Amsterdam before it became the English Colony of New York named for the Duke of York.

The Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (settled in 1624) became New York City when the English took control in 1664.

ANSWERThe Dutch settled New Amsterdam, which became New York City after the Dutch surrendered the land to the English.

Part of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam became the British colony of New York and, later, the US state of New York. Other parts of New Amsterdam became New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.

New York was an English colony because the English conquered New York from the Dutch, and after ceding to the English in the Treaty of Westminster, in 1674.

New Jersey was first a proprietary colony when it separated from New York but in 1702, New Jersey became a royal colony and was under the direct control of the English crown.

When the English captured the Dutch colonial town of New Amsterdam, the Duke of York was honored by having the city renamed after his city of York, thus New York, a city in the New World. The English colony in which the city was located was also called New York, so when the colony revolted and declared its independence it became the State of New York.

the English name for the Mannhattan colony was New York

The duke of york took the land from the dutch and the duke of york gave some land to two friends who started this colony.

New York was a British colony because it was under British rule until it was admitted to the Union on July 26,1788. The state was named after the Duke of York who went on to became King James II of England.

New Sweden was the original nae of Delaware Colony. Delaware became part of three English colonies: New York, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

New York first became an English colony in 1664 when it was conquered by the English during the Second Anglo-Dutch war. The colony was granted by the English king, Charles II, to his brother James Duke of York. This arrangement was what is known as a proprietary colony. A proprietary colony was an English colony where the government was in the hands of a private person or corporate body. The proprietor could create any kind of government that he wished. In New York's case, James created a political system with a governor who ruled with a council of advisors appointed by James. It was not until 1683 that New York was first granted the right to an assembly to create laws. Even then, the assembly was beholden to James and he could veto any law that he liked. When James succeeded his brother Charles II to the throne and became James II in 1685 New York became a royal colony. It continued as a royal colony down to the American Revolution.

New york became a Royal State in the 1685.

New Netherland was founded by the Hudson River around 1623-1624. Charles II gave New Netherlands to his brother who was the Duke of York. So in 1664 the Englsih arrived and it became New York after the Duke.

In 1609 Henry Hudson established a Dutch colony in what is now New York. Yet the colony was small and the fort that was built was not very strong. The port was a good one so the British became interested in the area and when the brother of the king, the Duke of York, was given the area of New York in 1664. New York was seized by English without a shot being fired. Named, after the Duke of York it became New York.

The first Europeans to establish a colony in what later became New York State was the Dutch. They settled there in around 1613.

It became new york cause when Charles II gave duke of york the colony he named it after him . Which is ....York ..

The first permanent English colony was Jamestown, Virginia in 1607. It was the first to be settled in the Americas.

The New York Colony began as the Dutch trading outpost of New Netherlands. The Dutch founded the colony in 1614. Later the British took over this area and renamed it New York in 1664.

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