No necesito su servicio nada mas?

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"No necesito su servicio nada mas" translates to "Your services are no longer required."
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Que necesito para la Visa?

Respuesta . Ya que no incluiste su pais de ciudadania ni el destino no puedo darle informacion especifica. Puedo darle unos enlaces a sitios que proveen informacion aunque algunos no estan en espanol. Favor de ver los enlaces a la izquierda.

Necesito un divorcio. Donde comienzo?

Llame a un abogado. Eso es esencial. Es demasiado imporant. Las leyes son diferentes en cada estado. Aquí es donde usted comienza. Buena suerte..

What is mas?

M.A.S. is the abbreviation for Male Answer Syndrome . This is a syndrome in which the sufferer feels compelled to answer questions even when they know nothing about the subject of the question. The condition is almost exclusively found in males. The syndrome was first identified by Jobst Brandt an ( Full Answer )

How do you get your MA?

Complete your bachelors degree, pick a field for advanced study, find an institution that offers that program of study, look at their entrance requirements, apply to he school.

No tengo nada de nada?

Eso es? Pero de quien es el computador de que se sirve para enviar o mensaje electronico? De veras que Usted no tiene ni familia ni amigos? Que mala suerte! Que le pase bien, y que se encuentran posiblidades mas favorables para Usted.

What is the English translation of mas que nada?

"more than nothing/anything" is often given and would be correct inSpanish, but in Brazilian Portugese it is a put-down expression:"Yea, right / Don't be silly". Here is the complete text of thesong, plus translation: O aria raio, oba oba oba Mas que nada Sai da minha frente Eu quero passar Pois o ( Full Answer )

What does 'Te Necesito' mean?

"Te Necesito" is Spanish for "I Need You." Which is commonly used for meaning 'I love you' to a loved one, or 'I need you' as in they need help from a friend or family member.

What is polo y servicios?

polo y servecio is that a person that don't have money to pay taxes they will be a polista Filipinos are have many sacrifices when philiphines colonizad by spaian the hardest work for the polista is making boat

What is good about polo y servicio?

ang mabuti lang dito ay ang motibo nila na itayo ang kumunidad ng pilipinas nung panahon na yun... at ang tira, puro pagpapahirap sa "indiyo" o ang sinaunang Filipino

What does que mas necesito saber de ti mean?

It means so what r u doing about it or sometimes so what r u going 2 do about it nd so what does it matter It means: What else do I need to know about you?

Who is your ma?

Your mamma is very very very very very very very very very very very very special!!!!!!!

What is '13 anos nada mas' in English?

Just 13 years [ old ] is an English equivalent of '13 anos nada mas'. In the word by word translation, the masculine gender noun 'anos' means 'years'. The adverb 'nada' means 'nothing'. The adverb 'mas' means 'more'. Together, the adverbs 'nada' and 'mas' may mean 'just, only'. A more literal ( Full Answer )

What does nada?

Spanish for nothing. No it is also a name my name is Nada and I luv it!

El que nada debe nada teme?

Si no has cometido alguna falta, ningun error, o simplemente no le debes nada a nadie, no tienes porque sentirte culpable, con remordimiento o con ningun temor a nada ni a nadie; puedes llevar tu nombre y honor en alto.

What is the English translation of the mos def song No Hay Nada Mas?

There Is Nothing Else Good one, thin Call me thin, but my first name is Jaci Andante (the one who walks) The last name the one who pays Listen That I am witness The beauty, the danger is different, of course it is the truth The street, the town The cottages and centers City quality ( Full Answer )

Who sings that spanish song busca amor nada mas que amor?

there are only two bands that sing the song indifferent styles first:BOTELLITA DE JEREZ,a Mexican rock band who recorded this song in 1990 and also RAMON AYALA Mexican norteno style the song name is:BUSCA AMOR

Amor nada mas que amor?

Busque aquí si quieres saber qué es el amor de nadie quiere responder preguntas bien ur okay get got it good

What does nada mas que suerte mean?

Translated to: "Nothing more than luck." NOTE : If there was an "`" over the e at the end of "que" making it "qué", it would be "what" and not "than".

What rhymes with nada?

bada cada ghada hada lada mada nada prada rada radha sada spada strada tada thada wada zada 3 syllables almada andrada armada calzada casada cassada escada espada estrada granada grenada hamada harada hisada losada lozada mirada moncada Nevada okada owada porada posada quesada quezada quij ( Full Answer )

What is the Spanish 'Necesito tomar agua' in English?

I need to drink water is an English equivalent of 'Necesito tomar agua'. The verb 'necesito' means '[I] am needing, do need, need'. The infinitive 'tomar' means 'to take, drink'. The feminine noun 'agua' means 'water'. All together, they're pronounced 'neh-seh-SEE-toh toh-MAH-RAH-gwah'.

What does yo necesito una pluma mean?

I need a pen. Pluma means feather and pen. In some situations it means fountain pen. The correct word for ballpoint pen is bolígrafo.

What is 'Necesito laxante' when translated from Spanish to English?

"I need a laxative" is an English equivalent of the Spanish phrase Necesito laxante . The pronunciation of the declarative statement -- which typically includes no word for "a" ( un or uno in the masculine, una in the feminine) -- will be "NEY-they-SEE-to lak-SAN-tey" in Spain and "NEY-sey-SEE ( Full Answer )

Nada is that a word?

Nada is a slang word both in American and British variant dialects to mean 'nothing',zero,not etc derived from two old English regional dialect sources in naught as Na to mean no combined with infinite to do similar to old English usage didna/dina for did not. A reversal of historical li ( Full Answer )

Is di nada the same as de nada?

No. Di can be the imperative of decir , "to say" or "to tell." Di nada can be the command to "Say nothing!" De is a preposition. De nada literally means "of nothing," and is how "You're welcome" is said in Spanish.

What does mira nada mas mean in English and how would it be used in a sentence?

"mira nada más" is an expression, mostly used in mexico. it means: "look at that/this", or, "wow", "that's interesting", expl. angry " mira nada más qué desastre hizo tu perro" " look at the disaster that your dog made" A: my daughter just graduated from collage B: " mir ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in Ma Su Zhen bao xiong chou - 1972?

The cast of Ma Su Zhen bao xiong chou - 1972 includes: Sung Chao Yu Ming Cheng Tseng Chun Chou Fei Chu Shao Chun Chang Wan Hsi Chin Sung Hsi Yu Han Hsieh Chien Hsien Wu Wai Hung Ho Blackie Ko Shou Liang Hung Kuan Yi Kuei Chang Yung Lai Chao Chiang Li Fei Lung Chi Ma Chang Ming Pan Hsiao Pao Ko Chiu ( Full Answer )

What actors and actresses appeared in A su servicio - 1994?

The cast of A su servicio - 1994 includes: Manuel Alexandre Neus Asensi Pilar Bardem Laura Bayonas Lola Cardona Francisco Casares Ana Gracia Lola Marceli Luis Merlo Isabel Mestres Isabel Ordaz as Cartera Emma Penella Luis Prendes Pedro Sempson Amparo Soler Leal