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If it was run without oil, the engine is most likely toast.

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Q: No oil in car oil light did not come on engine light did though?
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Will the check engine light come on with no oil in the car?

No, the check engine light has nothing to do with the oil level in the vehicle. The check engine light will come on when there is a problem with the emission system. The red oil warning light will come on if your vehicle is low on oil.

Why has the engine light come on on a Nissan elgrand 2000?

the engine light came on becasue of a malfunction in the car...

How do you reset the check engine light for a 2000 Hyundai tiburon?

Take your car to an AutoZone and ask them to pull your codes. They offer this for free, and it will reset your engine light, and you'll get to know why the light was on. Until you actually fix the problem though, the light will just come back on.

Why do a check engine light come on in a 96 Bonneville?

There are lots of different reasons a check engine light can come on does the car feel any different?

Why doesn't my check engine light come on when i crank the car?

The light bulb may be burned out.

Will your check engine light come on when you push start a car?


Why does the check engine light come on after putting car in drive and reverse several times?

You have to get the engine looked at.

If your car start up with no problems but once you put it in gear the car cuts off and says service engine soon and the oil light come on what does that mean?


Why does the oil light come on when your car stalls?

The light comes on when the car stalls because the engine is not running and the pump therefore is not pumping. The pressure will always be 0 when the engine stalls and the light is directly related to pressure. This is normal, you have no problem, other than the engine stalling.

Service engine soon light on 1999 gmc jimmy?

If your engine light has come on for your 1993 GMC Jimmy, you need to take you car in for service. You should make sure that you have enough oil in your car.

Battery made check engine light come on?

Only the computer can tell what made your check engine light come on. It could be your battery. If your battery is bad, replace it and see if that solves the problem. If it does not, then you will have to connect your car to the computer and find out why the check engine light came on.

Why does your engine light come on and blink after 30 mph?

Warning lights in a car are meant to indicate a problem. When the Check Engine light comes on after 30 mph, it means that the car is not running well, that there is an issue with fuel, or electricity getting to the engine.

No engine light on but bad idle?

If you drive an older car that has a carburetor, it could be that you need an adjustment to it. Your engine could be misfiring, but the engine light doesn't come on. You should take the car to a local mechanic, because it might need a tuneup.

Can the check engine light come on if the car over heats?

Yes, on most cars it will.

Will a check engine light on a car stay on for awhile after a new engine is put in a car to replace an old one?

In most cases the check engine light will come on after you put a new engine in it, it can come on for various reasons, In my case my check engine light came on because my oxygen sensor was reading the fumes from my exhaust in which came from my last engine. eventually iit will turn off but its good to get a diagnostic to be sure that they wouldn't have to replace your sensor

Would a defective fuel cap cause the check engine light to come?

Yes, a defective fuel cap will make the check engine light come on. It will alert the car that its not getting good gas mileage.

Why did the check engine light come on after washing the car?

There are pages and pages of things that can cause a check engine light. You need to have it checked with a scantool. Then the code can be diagnosed and repaired.

In the Suzuki Forenza is the check engine light common?

With my Forenza , Sometimes when backing the check engine light will come on and stay on ,and the car runs rough as it is low on power . After Turing it on and off a few times , the check engine light will turn off and the car will run normal . What's the cause of this .

What causes the check engine light on a Jaguar to come on?

If you find out let me know, cause mine has been on for about 25,000 miles now. it doesn't seem to affect how the car runs, though. . .

Can low transmission fluid cause your car to putt and check engine light to come on?

It is possible.

Car wouldn't start battery flat jumped started the car now the engine light has come on why?

You will have to have the code checked to know why.

Your engine management light has come on on your vectra it is staying on your car starts and runs but jolts alotand isn't running smoothly and sometimes cuts out?

You may have a faulty engine light. Or, you may have a serious problem with your car. You should take your car to a local mechanic for diagnostics.

What could be wrong if your ck engine light oil light and temp light all come on after drinving only 5 miles and the car is not overheated?

Your beautiful

Why does the service engine soon light blink off and on Chevy pickup?

I'm no expert, but I think it's trying to tell you to service the engine soon. im no car expert either but from what i know is that the check engine light can come up for various reasons. sometimes its not even important to have it checked because itll just light up for something small. its always good to have it checked out though.

Why does Engine management light comes on VX commodore?

There are many reasons why the management light will come on, you will have to have the car scanned at a repair shop, the fault code that made the light come on will be stored in the engine control module, and this can be decoded by and any good shop with the correct equipment