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The light comes on when the car stalls because the engine is not running and the pump therefore is not pumping. The pressure will always be 0 when the engine stalls and the light is directly related to pressure. This is normal, you have no problem, other than the engine stalling.

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Q: Why does the oil light come on when your car stalls?
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Will the check engine light come on with no oil in the car?

No, the check engine light has nothing to do with the oil level in the vehicle. The check engine light will come on when there is a problem with the emission system. The red oil warning light will come on if your vehicle is low on oil.

No oil in car oil light did not come on engine light did though?

If it was run without oil, the engine is most likely toast.

Why does your oil light come on seconds after start up?

The oil light will always come on for just a second after a car is started. If the oil light stays on, the oil could be low or need to be changed.

2000 Cavalier and everytime you try to start it it doesn't start When you do get it to start the oil and battery light come on and it stalls?

most likely the alternator is dead and when the battery drops below certain voltage the computer for the car can no longer operate and the vehicle shuts down

If a car's oil battery engine temperature and engine lights come on and then the car slows down and dies is it the car's alternator or is it the battery?

if you can start car pull off the neg battery cable if car stalls its the altinater if it stays running it might be the battery

In the morning when you first start the car up the oil light comes on and beeps for a short timethen when the car is turned off the light goes out?

The oil light will usually come on for a few seconds when you first start the automobile. If the oil light stays on, it probably means you need to add oil to the engine.

Your car stalls at junctions and there is oil in your water?

broken cylender head gasket. most likely water in oil as well. Is your oil milky?

Why does the oil light come on when the car gets hot?

You need to have the oil pressure checked. It could be a worn engine or thin oil causing that.

Why would the oil light in a 1990 Geo Prizm come on and flicker when you come to a stop such as at a red light the car also starts shaking a little even though the oil level is good?

If your oil level is good, then it's either an oil sender going bad, or an oil pump going bad.

If I changed the oil and spark plugs on my 2003 Stratus now the car won't start and when I try to the oil light comes on the the horn won't stop blowing what is causing this?

Changing the oil wont keep the car from starting. Changine the plugs will if you didn't put the wires back on in the proper location. The oil light will come on until the car starts and allows the oil pump to fill the filter and circulate the oil. Once started, the light should go out.

What could be wrong if your ck engine light oil light and temp light all come on after drinving only 5 miles and the car is not overheated?

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Will it hurt to drive your car a few miles a qt low on oil?

As long as the oil pressure light does not come on it will do no damage. If the light comes on, even for a few seconds, stop immediately.

2001 eclipse how do you shut off the oil light?

The oil light is indicative of extremely low oil pressure. First check the oil level, if the car has little to no oil in it, the light will come on. Assuming the sensor is functioning correctly, and the car has oil in it, the oil light being in would indicate a clogged or broken oil pump which can not provide sufficient oil pressure. Driving with very low oil or a malfunctioning oil pump will damage the internals of the engine in very short order and lead to expensive repairs. If the oil light is on and the oil level is where it should be, you shouldn't drive the car and should have it towed to a mechanic to be looked at.

What cause oil light to come on after oil change?

Why does oil light come blink on 2003 Jetta 2.0 after oil change

How do you reset the oil change light on an Pontiac Grand Am?

I have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am. I recently had my oil changed and noticed the change oil light stayed on. To get it off I had to turn the key to the on / run position, but I did not start it. Then I had to push the gas pedal to the floor three times within 5 seconds. The change oil light went off after a few seconds. I turned the car off. I then restarted the car and the change oil light did not stay on, it went off with all the rest of the lights that come on when you first start your car.

Is there any indicator if your car runs out of oil?

The check engine light will usually come on. On a Chrysler product the check engine light will not come on for low oil. You should either see the oil pressure gauge fall (if equipped) or the low oil pressure light will come one. That is the one that looks like a little red oil can. In addition the engine will overheat and you will start to hear some noise from the engine.

Why does the Oil light not come on when oil is low?

Oil light senses oil pressure not oil level

Why does your 1994 Chrysler Lhs oil light on and the engine is knocking?

When the oil light is on, it means you have low oil pressure. This can be caused by low oil level. When you first start the car, the oil light will come on momentarily, then turn off to signify that proper oil pressure has been reached. An engine knocking usually indicates that the engine is about to stall.

Service engine soon light on 1999 gmc jimmy?

If your engine light has come on for your 1993 GMC Jimmy, you need to take you car in for service. You should make sure that you have enough oil in your car.

Why does the oil lamp light on your 1998 Toyota Avalon come on?

Out of oil? If the car was running when you noticed the light first come on, it probably means the oil level is low If you didn't notice it when it first came on, and it has been on for any length of time, it could be dangerously low

Why does your vaxhull zafira loses power and stalls it tends to do it on long distances and the orange car lights up?

Had this problem with mine (51reg 1.6petrol)Turned out to be nothing but low oil.Uses more oil than any car I've ever owned but no spots or smoke just uses it.When oil gets really low, orange car light comes on and management system cuts power. No oil light! apparently this only comes on once you've completely screwed your engine, nice one Vauxhall.

2001 grand am how do i reset change oil light?

The car actually measures the viscosity of the oil while you are driving and running the car when you change the oil the light will be reset.

If your car start up with no problems but once you put it in gear the car cuts off and says service engine soon and the oil light come on what does that mean?


Why does the oil light come on before you crank the motor?

an oil light is designed to come on when there is NO oil pressure or LITTLE oil pressure. that said, when your oil light is on before you start your engine there is NO oil pressure to turn it off until you start the engine.

Can bad spark plug cause engine oil light to come on?

No bad spark plugs have nothing whatsoever to do with oil pressure. The oil light comes on when there is low or no oil pressure. Causes are engine low of oil. Check the oil level. Can also be the oil pressure sending unit is defective. Replace it. Lastly the oil pump may have failed. Do not drive this car with the oil light on. Tow it in for repair if necessary.