No power to radio in 1985 Corvette no power at fuse Ideas?


Somewhere in the electrical system there is likely a short. There is a way around this but do so at your own risk. You can always run a wire from the Positive of the Battery directly to the Positive of your radio, but make sure that you put at least a 30 amp fuse in this direct wire so that if it doesn't work the only thing you will loose is the fuse that you put in that wire and you won't burn out your entire system. Electronics in cars of today especially Corvette's as they are so compacted under the hood that it usually takes a good mechanic to figure out this mess.

There might be another way to find your answer before doing step one. Contact any Corvette Association and there are tons of them before you run that wire from your battery to the main power line of your radio.

Good Luck

There may be a relay that keeps power to accessory's on even with the key off and once door is opened power is off, but you power windows are on the same relay. also there is 2 fuses for the stereo. best bet is buy a 12 volt test light and test every fuse with key on test fuse while it is plugged in there are small terminals on top of fuse check for power on both sides