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If the automatic transmission on a 2002 Kia Rio won't go into park and there is no reverse, there is a problem inside the transmission with the gear bands. Each gear has a separate band and sometimes they wear out. New bands need to be put in or a new transmission needs to be installed.

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Q: No reverse automatic transmission 2002 kia rioShifter wont go into park and there is no reverse. Transmission howls but drives good?
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How does reverse bands in a automatic transmission adjust?

Depends on the transmission. Many transmission bands are not adjustable.

1988 Pontiac fiero gt with a automatic transmission that won't shift in reverse?

Check your Automatic Transmission fluid level

How do you fix a automatic transmission reverse for a 1997 dodge 1500?

Put the van on the lift and drain the transmission fluid, next drop the transmission on a tranny jack and proceed to do a transmission overhaul. Reverse the proceedure to install.

Ford Automatic has reverse no forward?

Make sure transmission fluid level is correct Bad transmission pump?

Why did your automatic transmission pop when you put it in reverse an then the fluid started leaking when you put it in gear?

Low Transmission fluid

How can I destroy an automatic transmission?

Put it into reverse when moving rapidly forward.

No reverse on automatic transmission Nissan Quest?

Sounds like you need it reworked.

Why wont it go onto reverse all it does is grind its a automatic?

bad transmission

How long can you drive your automatic transmission without reverse?

until you face a wall.

Automatic transmission problem Car will not move when in drive or reverse?

There can be several things that will an automatic transmission not to work properly. The most common cause is a lack of transmission fluid. Broken shifting linkage can also cause the problem.

Why won't the reverse gear on my Hyundai Accent 2001 automatic transmission engage?

My 2001 hyundai accent has no reverse

Why would a vehicle with an automatic transmission roll backward?

its in nutreal reverse pr out of gear