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Yes. Could just be that the linkage is not engaging reverse properly, try disconnecting the linkage at the transmission and manually putting it in reverse, if this works then you just need to adjust the linkage appropriately.

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โˆ™ 2007-01-30 17:15:29
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Q: No reverse on a Chevy S10 4wd extended cab 2000 but all forward gears are fine Is the tansmission fried?
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Why does my 1995 Chevy van have reverse but no forward?

Time for a transmission rebuild.

Will a 94 Chevy blazer tansmission fit in a 98 Chevy ssilverado truck with a 305?

NO. It will not even Begin to work

Will a 94 Chevy blazer with a 4.3 tansmission fit in a 98 Chevy silverado truck with a 350?

NO. Not even close.

How many speeds does a Chevy 305 transmission have?

A Chevy 305 is not a transmission it is a motor. If you mean a Chevy turbo 350 then the answer would be 3 different forward speeds and reverse.

Why would a 2003 Chevy impala roll backward in drive and forward in reverse when on inclines?

Weight of the vehicle

Will a Chevy v6 tansmission bolt up to a 1997 Chevy 350 vortec?

yes, but it wont handle the torque very long.

Why are you able to drive forward but not reverse your Chevy Trailblazer?

My trailblazer works fine both forward and backwards! Yours however sounds like you blew the reverse band in the transmission and need a new tranny. Or your against something that is holding you from behind.

What is wrong with a Chevy automatic transmission if you have forward gears but no reverse gear?

reverse drum inside of trans is stripped out the fix is teardown unit and replace with abeast drum from transtar

Why does my1996 Chevy blazer go forward but will not reverse?

The input sunshell splines have stripped or the hub has broken off. This will give you 1st + 3rd gears only with no reverse, 2nd, or 4th gear.

Is the transmission of a 2000 Chevy s-10 bad if it doesn't run in reverse and sounds forcced when shiting gears forward?


Your my 86 Chevy blazer drives in reverse but has no forward gears?

the transmission is smoked needs to be taken out and inspecked or there is a LINKAGE PROBLEM GOOD LUCK JOEY

No drive gear in 2002 Chevy auto transmission?

I had this problem in my 2007. the forward sprag was broken. i still had 1st, 2nd 3rd and reverse but no drive.

What is wrong with a Chevy automatic turbo 350 that works in reverse but not forward?

Could be a pump problem or broken planetary. Regardless, the transmission will need to be disassembled.

What color is the reverse wire for a 96 Chevy Tahoe where is it located?

The 1996 Chevy Tahoe reverse wire is light blue. You can find the reverse wire inside of the steering column.

Why don't your front hubs disengage when you take your 99 Chevy suburban out of 4 wheel drive?

try driving it in reverse for a bit before you go forward.....rosdale joe

What Chevy has a 65 inch driveshaft?

an extended cab short bed chevy from 89-99

What does a Chevy extended warranty provide?

A Chevy extended warranty allows you to get free vehicle repair from thousands of GM dealerships in the United States of America and Canada. You can get more information about this service online at the Extended Chevrolet Warranty website.

Will a Chevy 350 engine bolt on a 1994 jeep wrangler transmission?

No. I'm pretty sure you would have to swith the entire drivetrain. Engine, tansmission and transfer case.

What color is the reverse wire on Chevy?

Green is the hot wire for my 2004 Chevy Colorado.

Will a 88-98 GM extended cab ff sub box fit in a 88-98 Chevy silverado extended cab?

Yes, Chevy is made by gm

Can you put a 1994 Chevrolet Z28 engine in to a 1984 Prsche 944?

you can if you want to modify a bunch of stuff you would also have to put a Chevy tansmission for the 350 to bolt up to

Why does the brakes on a 2002 Chevy Malibu's brakes lock up when put into reverse after being parked Going forward usually releases them?

back brake springs weak or broken! or a brake part is broken.

What type manual transmission is in a 1978 K-10 Chevy?

It would have a sm 465. Its a heavy cast unit with low (granny gear) and three other forward gears plus reverse.

What is the difference between a normal and reverse water pump for a Chevy engine?

the normal is regular and a reverse is better

1995 Chevy 2500 reverse problem?

If your 1995 Chevy 2500 truck won't go in reverse, you got some transmission problems.