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I'd replace the ECM (electronic Control Module). These are often the problem on older GM vehicles. It's fairly simple to replace. It's located directly under the distributor cap and rotor. Costs about $60 for the part.

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โˆ™ 2008-02-23 16:57:52
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Q: No spark from ignition coil.Coil is new and still no spark for 1990 suburban?
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1994 Camry new battery but still no spark?

Spark as in the ignition or spark as in not starting? Please be more specific and we will try to help you.

You have no ignition spark on a Renault cleo 1.4rt What could have gone for there to be no spark you have bought a new coil and still no spark.?

ignition switch The TDC Sensor is probably dirty, remove it and give the tip a clean, also the connecter.

95 f150 and you are not getting any spark you have changed ignition mod ecm coil and distributor and still no spark?

map sensor

Changed battery ignition module coil still no spark at plugs clio mk1 16valve?

Change crank shaft angle sensor ul get a spark

How do you test an lawn mower ignition coil with a meter when the ignition coil is the lawn mower?

what are you trying to measure and with what type of meter? generally we check the module with a spark tester. if there is no spark with the spark tester we check the kill wires and any safety switches that may cause a no spark issue and if all that still shows no spark then we replace the module.

What are mechanisms employed in a spark ignition engine to vary the ignition timing depending on the speed and the load of the engine?

I don't know I'm also still searching the answer for this question.

Why if you replaced the cap and rotor spark plugs and wires ignition coil and ignition control module in the disributor do you still not get spark at the spark plugs?

== == check that you are getting power to the distributor. i am assuming you are talking about a earlier model vehicle Have you checked the ecm relay? maybe the pickup coil assy.

How many coils or spark on a 1992 Chevy 305 4x4 pickup replaced cap and pickup coil still no spark?

I would replace the ignition module in the distributor.

Can a ignition coill spark but but still not fire engine?

It happens. Just b/c you have a spark doesn't mean it's hot/strong enough to reliably ignite the fuel.

Which item is not a component of the ignition system control module starter solenoid coil spark plug?

Control Module depending on type controls the engine functions, transmission, ignition, etc. (test does not specify "Ignition Control Module")Starter solenoid would be the most likely choice because on older vehicles with points ignition, the solenoid has a Resistor (Run) post for and an Ignition (Start) post, but now we don't need resistors, but it still has to do with ignition!Coil supplies voltage to the spark plugs = ignition again.Spark plug creates the gap for the spark that the fuel needs to ignite, ignite = ignition.

What does a CDI box do?

A CDI, or Capacitor Discharged Ignition is a system that is linked to the ignition of some petrol engine driven vehicles. Its purpose is to store an electrical charge that is discharged through the ignition coil and thus increases the power to the spark plug/s for a very powerful, high-energy spark. This prevents fouling of the spark plug/s. A CDI can be disconnected in some vehicles and the engine would still run, but with a less powerful spark to the spark plug/s.

My 1994 Chevy cavalier spark plugs wont spark?

your coil packs are bad. this is not cheap to fix. sorry.

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