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As long as the nerves from the penis to the spinal cord are intact, it is possible to get an erection which should me it is also possible to have an ejaculation. Something was different this time for whatever reason and it happened. Possibly some healing of nerves has happened and a connection was made.

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Can a girl still fall pregnant with her underwear on and the guy does not ejaculate. only pre-ejaculate?

no, she cannot

Can you get rid of pre-ejaculate?

Pre-ejaculate is a normal function of the sexual organ in males. It cannot be eliminated or reduced.

Get Gliscor as a partner Pokรฉmon in Pokรฉmon Ranger?

you cannot get gliscor as your partner Pokemon you cannot get gliscor as your partner Pokemon

Can you get pregnant if pre-ejaculate is swallowed?

No you cannot get pregnant.

Can anal ejaculation happen?

No, you cannot ejaculate from your anus; however, you can be aroused enough while having anal sex to ejaculate in an anus.

Can you conceive a baby from humping something?

You can only get pregnant from semen (which carries sperm) and only if the semen is near the vagina or in the vagina. It is possible for sperm to travel using the moisture (wetness), so you can get pregnant if:you or a partner has pre-ejaculate or ejaculate on a finger that is used to penetrate the vaginayour partner is rubbing his penis against the vaginal area (skin to skin)your partner ejaculates near the vagina or inside the vaginaYou cannot get pregnant from:humping an object (a non-person)oral sex (BUT you can get an STD from oral sex)

Do it indicates pregnancy if sperm is not getting inside the vagina?

Semen from pre-ejaculate or ejaculate cannot come in contact with your reproductive organs at all to ensure no pregnancy.

Can you be a Skitty with a Meowth partner on Explorers of Sky?

No, you cannot. The way they determine what your parterner will be before you choose is based on the Pokemon you are. You cannot have a partner that is the same type as you.

How do you a make a woman ejaculate?

You mean have an orgasm. Women cannot cum. You rub or tickle their clitoris.

Can you get pregnant of you had pre-ejaculate on your tongue and you kissed your boyfriend and he gave you oral?

no you cannot get pregnant from that

Can a woman get pregnant if a man just places his penis near the Virgina and does not ejaculate?

no they cannot get pregnant

What does it mean when you dream with your partner?

Your dream only expresses your own thoughts and feelings about your partner. Your dream cannot tell you anything about what your partner is thinking or feeling.

Can a neutered cat mount another cat?

He can mount a tom or queen, and he can penetrate said cat, but cannot ejaculate , therefore cannot fertilise eggs

On Tekken 6 scenario how do you change the partner?

You cannot change the partner of it. Unless you use Alisa as your person then the original main character would be your partner. Hope the helped. :)

Can a woman urinate with a penis inside of her?

yes she can, but while a guy is either hard or about to ejaculate (i cant remember which) he cannot

Is there a code to get any Pokemon to be your partner?

no you have to have minun as your partner due to the fact that your female rival has a plusle. therefore you cannot change partners.

Can pre-ejaculate go through clothing?

No it cannot because these are weaker forms of sperm and are incapable of penetrating cloth.

Why Fungi cannot synthesis their food?

because they one fungal partner which synthesis

Can partner Pokemon evolve in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

No, partner Pokemon cannot evolve. The only way to get their evolved forms is to capture them in the wild.

Husband had vasectomy can you be pregnant?

no Well, 99.9% of the time, no. Has your husband had his ejaculate tested after the vasectomy to make sure it was a successful proceedure? There is more than one documented case of a vasectomy that was not successful and resulted in an unwated or unscheduled, I'd have his ejaculate tested to make sure it was a successful proceedure. If there are no sperm in the ejaculate, then the answer is NO, you cannot be pregnant after your husband has had a vascetomy.

Why your partner do not evolve?

your partner cannot evolve because you need to beat the game. in the story, you partner cant evolve because of a distortion in the fabric of space. once you beat dialga and then the post story (darkrai) you can evolve.

Why you should you not use a partner when performing strecthing exercises?

They Cannot Feel "Your Pain", so you only you should stretch yourself, your partner doesnt know your limits.

What is it called when someone cannot get up close to their partner?

You don't mean ' erectile dysfunction ', do you ?

Can you transfer the flu vaccine to your partner say via saliva sweat or sperm?

NO. You cannot.

Do you have enough sperm to get your girl pregnant?

This is something I cannot answer. If you are old enough to produce sperm, then you have enough to get a girl pregnant. A male is capable of releasing small amounts to over a billion sperm when he ejaculates ( So, even if you don't ejaculate, but there is semen that comes in contact with your partner, she can become pregnant.