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My thought would be that your vehicle is originally from a country that uses kilometers. The Speedometer face plate may have been swapped out but the odometer wasn't converted. One mile equals 1.6 kilometers, hence the difference you're recognizing.

2007-08-11 14:49:04
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How do you replace an odometer cable on a 1982 Chevrolet Camaro?

There is not an odometer cable. The odometer is driven by the speedometer. If the odometer is not working then you will have to replace the speedometer head.

Why is your odometer not working but your speedometer is?

The odometer is separate from the speedometer. The odometer counts how many miles you have driven total, while the speedometer shows how many miles you will travel in an hour if you maintain a given speed. You should immediately take you vehicle to a qualified service technician, and get the odometer fixed.

Does speedometer reading being off affect true gas mileage calculation?

If the speedometer is not accurate, the odometer is probably not either. If you do not know how far you have driven, you can not calculate mileage with any certainty.If the speedometer is not accurate, the odometer is probably not either. If you do not know how far you have driven, you can not calculate mileage with any certainty.

Why will the speedo work on a 1996 Nissan 200sx but the trip and odometer will not?

The odometer runs on the same electronic gear driven sensor as the speedometer so if the speedometer is working and the odometer is not the problem is in the "Speed head" (speedometer unit in the dash). Mine and several others I have seen break at about 40,000 and will need replacing.

Why would the speedometer in a 96 Dodge Caravan work but the odometer not and how do you fix it?

I have the same problem on an '89 Dodge Dynasty. I am told that the odometer and speedometer in my car are driven by separate cables and that I simply need a new cable for my odometer to function properly again. I have not verified this information, but it might get you on track.

My 1999 Honda CRV odometer stopped working while all the oher gauges are fine so if this is a fuse where is it located?

If the odometer has failed, does the speedometer still work? They are both driven by a cable which spins. If the speedometer is still working, than the odometer has jammed. Probably a dealer fix.

How do you replace the odometer cable on a 1995 Ford Thunderbird LX?

You don't. There is no such thing as an odometer or a speedometer cable on that vehicle. The speedometer is electrically operated using a signal from the vehicle speed sensor. The odometer is driven by a little electric motor in the speedometer head assembly. If the speedo is working, but the odo isn't, you need a speedometer head assembly. If both are inop, you COULD need a speedo head, but there could also be a problem elsewhere in the system.

How do you fix the odometer on 1990 240 Volvo dl?

In a 1990 the speedometer is electronic, but the odometer is gear driven. These gears fail frequently. I would suggest visiting the IPD website. They have the gear along with an instructional DVD to help the process.

Where is odometer fuse for a 2001 Dodge Caravan Sport?

There is no fuse for the odometer on any car. The odometer (digital) is driven off a circuit board that is part of the instrument panel.

What is measured by the odometer?

in a car the odometer tell you how far you have driven. so it's measures how far you've travelled

How do you use the word odometer in a sentence?

The odometer showed that the car had driven 24,000 miles since it was built. He suspected that the car's odometer had been illegally rolled back by the owner.

Where is the odometer cable located on a 1995 mercury villager?

There is no such thing. The odometer is electrically driven from the PCM via the vehicle speed sensor. If the odometer has failed you need to replace the cluster.

What shows you the number of miles a vehicle has driven?

The odometer.

How do you check if the speed sensor is good?

Drive on a freeway or highway where there's a speedometer check point. Set your odometer to zero, drive the exact speed limit (try to use cruise control), and after the speedometer check point is over (5 miles), you will be able to determine if your speedometer is working correctly based on the miles driven according to your odometer and the end of the checkpoint.

What is the meter reads number of miles driven called?

The odometer.

When would someone need to use an odometer?

An odometer is the gizmo that tells how many miles you have driven.You may use it anytime you wish. (lol)

How do I Disconnect odometer in 2008 Grand Caravan?

Now why would you want to do that??? You wouldn't be able to tell how many miles you've driven! It is a crime to disconnect the Odometer.

How do you fix a odometer on a 1994 Oldsmobile 98 regency that Speedometer works trip odometer stopped working last year and now the odometer no longer works?

These are usually sealed units and for the most part are not repairable. You might get another one from a junk yard ... or try searching the internet. The other possibility is that the physical cable that drives a mechanical speedo could be broken. Some of these are driven off the transmission, others are driven off one of the front wheels.

Is odometer on 94 town ace cable driven or electronic?

Electronic and not cable.

Which gauge indicates how many miles the car has driven since it was maufactured?


How can you tell if the odometer has been messed with My odometer reads 39107 and it still works could it be possible that it rolled over?

Depends on age of vehicle and average mles driven

What does the odometer gauge indicate?

home many miles your car has driven.the mileage of the vehicle

Which gauge indicates the total miles your car has been driven since it manufactured?

The odometer.

How do you fix a speed odometer in a Subaru Legacy?

This question is not answerable.No year or trim level information provided.The question is written so you don't know if the aser is interested in the whole Speedometer or just the odometer.And finally as this is driven by a electrical signal you need to check three things.FuseSender on transmissionWiring and connections between.

Is the odemeter connected to the fuse box?

Odometer Fuse Box RelationshipThat depends on the type of odometer. For example, a mechanical odometer which is driven by a mechanical cable will NOT have any connection to the fuse box OTHER than for lighting, IF the odometer has a light inside of it.On the other hand, if the odometer is of the digital electronic type, it will, in a remote manner, be connected to a fuse which is usually a fuse designated for the "Instrument Panel." In this case, the digital odometer is usually built into/on the Instrument Panel Printed Circuit Board [PCB], and thus will be connected to the fuse box via the PCB wiring harness.