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well to be safe the speed limits on a dead end street should be around 45 to 60mph just to be safe. if there is some one who couldent tell that the road ends without a oulet they shouldn't be speeding anywayse

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Q: Ohio speed limits on dead end streets in city limits?
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What is the speed limit for a truck in a business or residential area?

The speed limit will vary depending upon the city you are in and the exact street you are on. Many residential streets have 25 mph speed limits.

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currently, standard speed limits are: 50 (city) 100 (freeways, two-way-traffic) 130 (highways, one-way-traffic) those limits are always valid, signs would tell you if other speed limits apply. in smaller streets in towns and cities, more and more "30 zones" are installed.

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What would a motorist not expect to see in city and suburban driving environment A speed limits of 15 mph B speed limits of 25 mph C speed limits of 35 mph D speed limits above 45 mph?

Drivers need to be consciously aware of changing speed limits and watch for posted signs in city and suburban driving environments. You would expect: A speed limits of 15 mph B speed limits of 25 mph C speed limits of 35 mph You would not expect to see D speed limits above 45 mph City driving is referred to as "start and stop" driving because traffic is either moving or stopped. Changing speed limits can make traffic slow to a crawl, such as in school zones.

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Venice. You can drive a car within the city limits, but most of the city is on islands, and divided by waterways and sidewalks instead of streets.

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What are city speed limits miles per hour as a rule?

There is no "as a rule". Different countries - and even different cities within the same country - have different speed limits.

Whats the average speed limit on US city streets?

60 km/h

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