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Oil capacity 2001 Toyota Echo?


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3.5 Liters


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For my 2002 Echo it is 3.7 Liters with a filter change.

The 2001 Toyota Corolla engine oil capacity is 4.5 quarts of motor oil. For quarts of oil will go into the engine and one half quart of oil will be in the oil filter.

for years, Firestone has changed the oil on my 2001 4 runner. They always filled it with 5.2 qts and now they are filling it with 5.5 qts. What is the capacity of a 2001 Toyota 4 runner limited with 2wd?

The Owners Manual says its 5 quarts.

For a 2001 TOYOTA SIENNA it is 5 US quarts, for a 20001, I am not sure they will be made that year.

You have to take out the engine to get to it.

6.5 qts when changing the filter at the same time. Drain it warm.

If you are talking about the oil drain plug, its pretty much right under the engine, which is slightly to the passenger side front of the car. There is a picture of it along with a complete description of changing the oil, here:

The 2007 Toyota Sienna engine oil capacity is for quarts. The manufacturer recommends that you never overfill the engine oil.

If it is 4.7 6.5 quarts 3.4 5.5 quarts 5 w30

The engine oil capacity of a 1990 Toyota pickup is 5 quarts. This includes replacing the oil filter which stores a small amount of oil.

The oil capacity in a 1.6 liter 1997 Toyota Corolla is 3.2 quarts of oil. The recommended oil to be used is 10w-40.

When changing the oil of any car, it is important to know how much oil to put back into the vehicle. A 1995 Toyota Avalon has an oil capacity of five quarts of oil.

The capacity should be around 4.5 to 5 quarts of oil.

For a 1999 Solara v6, the oil capacity is 5 qts. of 5W30.

Coolant = 4.4 liters or 4.3 if equiped with Automatic transmission Engine oil = 3.7 liters wiyh filter change, 3.4 without. Automatic trans =2.9 liters (drain and refill) Type T-IV Manual Trans = 1.9 liters

The motor oil capacity of the 1998 Toyota Rav4 is 4 quarts. Low viscosity PAG 46 oil is recommended for this vehicle.

The engine oil capacity will vary depending on the specific Toyota Innova model you own. For example, the Innova J requires 9.5 liters of oil including the oil in the filter.

If you still have the owner's manual for the 2004 echo there should be a specifications section that will tell you the oil capacity (drain and refill) with a filter change and without a filter change. For instance, I have a 2002 Toyota echo. On page 217 of my owner's manual it shows that the capacity with a filter change is 3.7 liters, 3.9 quarts or 3.3 imperial quarts. I would imagine that the oil capcity of your 2004 echo is similar. After you change the oil and filter add the 3.9 quarts and check the oil level on the dip stick. Also note, my owner manual states that the amount of oil to fill between the low level and the full level on the dipstick is 1.5 liters, 1.6 quarts and 1.3 imperial quarts. Hope this answers the question.

The Toyota Rav4 engine oil capacity with filter change is exactly 4.0 quarts. Without the filter change its 3.8 quarts.

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