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Test with a mechanical gauge to accurately detemine oil pressure Could just be a defective oil pressure sensor

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2007-04-15 19:33:11
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Q: Oil pressure gauge on 2000 Ford Explorer only works after about 10-15 min of driving Why?
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What is the principle of pressure gauge?

pressure gauge works on hooks law principle ,when we applying pressure in end connection of the pressure gauge ,the same pressure operating at end of the bourdon tube.

How does an oil pressure gauge works?

Most oil pressure gauges operate by a varying voltage. The oil pressure changes the resistance in the oil sensor, causing the gauge to change readings.

Oil pressure gauge in dash works some time and then dont a beep sounds?

It will be a oil pressure sensor

How does a water gauge works?

To answer you question more thoroughly I will need more detail because there are several different types of water qauges. You have a water temperature gauge, water pressure gauge and water level gauges.

How battery charger gauge works?

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How Do you find out why your RPM gauge works but your speed gauge dont and how do you fix it is it a fuse 1989 Honda accord?

your rpm gauge works off your engin your speed gauge works off the transmission where the cable slides into the transmission tha plastic geer is probably stripped

What are the instruments present in screw gauge?

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What is a Bourdon tube gauge?

A Bourdon Gauge is a pressure indicator, it works with a "C" shaped tube oval in cross section that tries to straighten under pressure. When the tube tries to straighten it pulls on a connecting arm which turns a needle that is against a card that states the pressure. A bourdon gauge lets you know when a stoem is headed your way.It is like a warning tool because it lets you know early so you can prepare for the storm.

Why is your oil pressure gauge going haywire in your 2003 silverado?

AnswerWhat do you mean by haywire? Without more information, all I can tell you to do right now is to replace the filter you are using with an AC/Delco filter. The oil pressure sending unit may be defective if you are getting erratic readings. I mean that the water temp gauge needle goes way past the point to where it bottoms out and so does the battery volt gauge needle and the oil pressure gauge needle and the tach needle works when it wants to.

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so when you have a rain gauge you can use it for rain you will measure the rain.

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