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Test with a mechanical gauge to accurately detemine oil pressure Could just be a defective oil pressure sensor

2007-04-15 19:33:11
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What is the principle of pressure gauge?

pressure gauge works on hooks law principle ,when we applying pressure in end connection of the pressure gauge ,the same pressure operating at end of the bourdon tube.

How does an oil pressure gauge works?

Most oil pressure gauges operate by a varying voltage. The oil pressure changes the resistance in the oil sensor, causing the gauge to change readings.

Oil pressure gauge in dash works some time and then dont a beep sounds?

It will be a oil pressure sensor

How battery charger gauge works?

it works in side the battery

How Do you find out why your RPM gauge works but your speed gauge dont and how do you fix it is it a fuse 1989 Honda accord?

your rpm gauge works off your engin your speed gauge works off the transmission where the cable slides into the transmission tha plastic geer is probably stripped

Why is your oil pressure gauge going haywire in your 2003 silverado?

AnswerWhat do you mean by haywire? Without more information, all I can tell you to do right now is to replace the filter you are using with an AC/Delco filter. The oil pressure sending unit may be defective if you are getting erratic readings. I mean that the water temp gauge needle goes way past the point to where it bottoms out and so does the battery volt gauge needle and the oil pressure gauge needle and the tach needle works when it wants to.

What are the instruments present in screw gauge?

The screw gauge works on the principle of screw

What is a Bourdon tube gauge?

A Bourdon Gauge is a pressure indicator, it works with a "C" shaped tube oval in cross section that tries to straighten under pressure. When the tube tries to straighten it pulls on a connecting arm which turns a needle that is against a card that states the pressure. A bourdon gauge lets you know when a stoem is headed your way.It is like a warning tool because it lets you know early so you can prepare for the storm.

How a rain gauge works?

so when you have a rain gauge you can use it for rain you will measure the rain.

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Explorer works but it is slow as compared to Chrome. Chrome is one of the fastest browsers on the web.

You have a 1988 fullsize bronco and it says your oil pressure is low but it is getting oil to the top end so what could it be and how can you fix it?

First, check the gauge. Should have a single wire on the driver side of the engine, near the oil filter, connected to the oil pressure switch. (Assuming it is an electronic gauge) Unplug it from the switch and clean off all the oil and dirt. Ground the gauge by touching the end of the wire you unplugged to a metal surface on the truck. Check the gauge. It should move substantially to the right while grounded. If it does not, your gauge is bad. If it does, plug it back on and see if it works now that it is clean. If it does not, first try replacing the oil pressure switch. It's only a few bucks. Still low, try a mechanical gauge to get an accurate oil pressure reading. If the pressure is actually low, it means major engine work ahead.

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what is blood pressure

I have a 99 ford ranger 3.0 oil pressure gauge takes 5 to 45 sec sometimes to register oil pressure in the morning during the day it works fine?

Oi l pressure gauge. they are very easy to put on just a deep socket and it is located very easily if you take off your passenger side tire and there it is. 10 bucks max at the auto parts store!!

How often should you add refrigerant to your ac?

I've been driving my 1995 Ford Explorer for almost 14 years and have never had to add refrigerant - the system still works fine

What works with pressure to keep a nebula from collapsing?

Gravity works with Pressure to keep a Nebula from collapsing.

How does pressure regulating valve works?

A pressure regulator is a valve that works in a way that at a certain pressure it automatically stops the flow of a liquid or gas .

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How does a rain gauge work?

a rain gauge works by first making sure it rained, and seeing how many inches the rain filled up the rain gauge.

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will internet explorer 6, 7, or 8 run on windows 8

What is the definition of bo rdon gauge? . Figure 9-4.-The Bourdon gauge. Bourdon Gauge The Bourdon gauge is shown in figure 9-4. It works on the same principle as that of the snakelike, paper party whistle you get at a New Year party, which straightens when you blow into it. Within the Bourdon gauge is a thin-walled metal tube, somewhat flattened and bent into the form of a C. Attached to its free end is a lever system that magnifies any motion of the free end of the tube. On the fixed end of the gauge is a fitting you thread into a boiler system. As pressure increases within the boiler, it travels through the tube. Like the snakelike paper whistle, the metal tube begins to straighten as the pressure increases inside of it. As the tube straightens, the pointer moves around a dial that indicates the pressure in psi. The Bourdon gauge is a highly accurate but rather delicate instrument. You can easily damage it. In addition, it malfunctions if pressure varies rapidly. This problem was overcome by the development of another type of gauge, the Schrader. The Schrader gauge (fig. 9-5) is not as accurate as the Bourdon, but it is sturdy and suitable for ordinary hydraulic pressure measurements. It is especially suitable for fluctuating loads. In the Schrader gauge, liquid pressure actuates a piston. The pressure moves up a cylinder against the resistance of a spring, carrying a bar or indicator with it over a calibrated scale. The operation of this gauge eliminates the need for cams, gears, levers, and bearings. Diaphragm Gauge The diaphragm gauge gives sensitive and reliable indications of small pressure differences. We use the diaphragm gauge to measure the air pressure in the space between inner and outer boiler casings. In this type of gauge, a diaphragm connects to a pointer through a metal spring and a simple linkage system (fig. 9-6). One side of the diaphragm is exposed to the pressure being measured, while the other side is exposed to the pressure of the atmosphere. Any increase in the pressure line moves the diaphragm upward against the spring, moving the pointer to a higher reading. When the pressure decreases, the spring moves the diaphragm downward, rotating the pointer to a lower reading. Thus, the position of the pointer is balanced between the pressure pushing the diaphragm upward and the spring action pushing down. When the gauge reads 0, the pressure in the line is equal to the outside air pressure. MEASURING AIR PRESSURE To the average person, the chief importance of weather is reference to it as an introduction to general conversation. At sea and in the air, advance knowledge of what the weather will do is a matter of great concern 9-4

2001 Ranger XLT the oil pressure gauge sticks at zero when it is cold. When the engine warms up the gauge works fine How do you fix this?

I would start by replacing the oil pressure sending unit. If that does not correct the problem, I would look closely at the gage itself. If you hear any valve train noise at cold startup, you need to have an oil pressure test run to make sure you actually have good oil pressure when starting the engine cold. Possibly the gage is correct and you do have 0 oil pressure when cold.

Why does my Fuel gauge works erratically on 2002 Ford Taurus?

The fuel sending unit is sticking, or the wiring to the gauge is loose. These are the two most common causes of an erratic gauge.

How a digiital fuel gauge works in a 1999 Cadillac?

1999 cadillac

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