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Okay Im my best friend is a boy and i love him so much. recently we got drunk together at a party and we kissed and he told me he really likes me. was it drink talk or did he mean it?

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September 13, 2011 12:27PM

well youll have to think about this. ur at a drunken party u kiss the boy u like and he says he loves you. the vodka most likely got tohim so he must of been super hammered. the smart thing to do is talk to him and ask if he really meant what he said. still hang out with him but talk to him directly

Sometimes when your drunk you say things that you don't feel comfortable saying normally...maybee it just kinda slipped out...maybee he really ment it. or the vodca just got to dous that!! I would definatly ask him about it..but be careful you don't want to make it aukward between you 2 if he didnt mean it!!

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