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Yup! I calculate conception to be between the 10th and 13th of September! Congrats!

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Q: On 6th Jan your ultrasound was 18 weeks and 5 days does this mean you conceived between 9th and 12th September?
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If an ultrasound scan shows you are 13 weeks on 18.12.2006 what are the chances you conceived before october 5th?

If you were 13 weeks on 18 December you conceived on or around October 2nd.

If an ultrasound on the 17th Sept said you were 14 weeks and 1 day and you conceived 11th June is there a way it could be off by 5 weeks as your midwife said you conceived in May?

i would go with what the ultrasound says as it is almost 100% accurate.

When you go for a ultrasound and the doctor tells you that you are twenty weeks does that mean you conceived twenty weeks ago?

No. Your due date is calculated from two weeks before actual conception. You are actually pregnant for 38 weeks. You conceived 18 weeks ago.

If an ultrasound says you are 17 weeks and 3 days pregnant is that the day you conceived or would it be that date plus an extra 2 weeks?

That means it is the date conceived (or within 48 hours of). It is never right on, but within a week of. Go by what the ultrasound says. No, if your ultrasound says 17 weeks and 2 days that would be that date plus 2 extra weeks, that is around the time of your last period, unless you have irregular periods or conceived straight after a miscarriage or something. The length of pregnancy is always measured from your last period even by ultrasound.

If you went to the doctor and they did an early ultrasound and said you were 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant could you have an early ultrasound at 3 weeks and 3 days pregnant?

There would be no gestational sac visible @ 3 weeks. YES At 5 weeks 3 days pregnant by ultrasound, you conceived 3 weeks 3 days earlier.

When did you conceive if your first ultrasound showed you that you were 5 weeks pregnant on June 8?

It depends if you were five weeks pregnant or five weeks from conception. If five weeks pregnant you conceived around 18 May, if five weeks from conception you conceived around 4 May. If you could see a heartbeat you were 5 weeks from conception.

On Oct 12 your ultrasound was 11 weeks 4 days does this mean you conceived between the 6th and 10th of August?

Yes, that would be typical, but it depends on the usual length and predictability of your cycle.

At 18 and a half weeks pregnant can an ultrasound read at 20 weeks what would be the reason Is the baby big can an ultrasound be off by 10 days?

At this stage, yes the ultrasound can be off by 10 days. Mine was off by ten days the other way, that is I thought I was 18 weeks and the ultrasound said 16 and a half. I knew when I had conceived because my husband had been away on a trip.

How accurate are ultrasounds in determining when you conceived?

At 7 weeks an ultrasound is accurate within 2 or 3 days. At 20 weeks it is accurate within 5-7 days.

What if your ultrasound said 5 weeks when did you conceive?

Doctors measure pregnancy from the first day of your last period, but you don't conceive until two weeks after that. Your baby was conceived 3 weeks ago.

If an ultrasound says you are 25 weeks 4 days pregnant when in fact conceived 25 weeks 2 days what date should be relied on?

If you know when you conceived you should always go by your date. Ultrasounds, especially later in pregnancy, are not as accurate. Here are the dates that they can be off. The inaccuracy of ultrasound First trimester: 7 days 14 - 20 weeks: 10 days 21 - 30 weeks: 14 days 31 - 42 weeks: 21 days

How many weeks pregnant are you if you conceived on September 4 2009?

Approximate age of the foetus on November 27th 2009 is 14 weeks.

When does ultrasound happen?

Ultrasound scans are given at roughly between 16 and 22 weeks. More can be scheduled if there is a problem.

How many weeks are you pregnant after your conceived?

Most women deliver between 37-40 weeks after conception

When did you conceive if your ultrasound said you were 17 weeks 2 days pregnant on September 20?


If the ultrasound says 6 weeks are you really pregnant 4 weeks?

It means it is approximately four weeks since you conceived, but six weeks since the start of your last period. Pregnancies are dated from the latter date, so you wouldn't say you were four weeks pregnant.

I want to know the exact day that I conceived. I was 7 weeks on October 30th.?

the answer is the 18th of September.

How many weeks will you be if you conceived on September 14 2007?

September 14th to November 23rd is 9weeks and 2 days approximately or 2months and 12days

Your ultrasound said you are 4.5 weeks pregnant But did you actually conceive 4.5 weeks ago or 6.5 or 2.5 you think theres a period of 2 weeks that they add or subtract Does anyone have the answer?

If your ultrasound says you are 4.5 weeks pregnant you conceived 2.5 weeks ago. Historically pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last period although of course you don't actually conceive until (on average) 2 weeks later.

Is it normal not to hear the babies heart beat at 8 weeks through an ultrasound?

You might can, but don't be alarmed if you don't. You may think that you are 8 weeks and really only be 6 or 7. There is no way to tell when you conceived.

What is the earliest you get an ultrasound?

Possibly as early as 6 weeks but generally between 10 and 14 weeks.Edit: I'm assuming you mean an ultrasound during pregnancy. You can have ultrasounds for other things.

Can the doctor tell a girl when she conceived?

The doctor can estimate about how many weeks along the pregnancy is through methods such as ultrasound, but he cannot say with 100% certainty what the exact date was.

If you are four weeks and two days when did you conceive?

Counting from today (30th September), you conceived on roughly 31st August

When did you conceive if your ultrasound said you were 19 weeks and 4 days?

You conceived 19 weeks and 4 days ago. Look at a calendar and count back 19 weeks and 4 days. You probably need two calendars now, for 2008 and 2007.

When given a dating ultrasound do you need to subtract two weeks for an actual date?

When you have a dating ultrasound you are given an EDD (estimated date of delivery) If you count back 40 weeks from this date it should be about when your last period was. If you do not have a regular cycle they may not correlate exactly. 38weeks back from your EDD is approximately when you conceived.