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I was able to find the information you needed on a site called I pasted the link to the page in question. You probably will have to login or sign-up to be able to view the information, but it's fast and easy to do. Also, signup is free. Here is the link I used it to install a new radio in my 89 323 DX sedan and it worked like a charm.

2005-05-07 01:53:06
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Q: On a 1989 Mazda 323 what are the radio wiring colors?
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If you have a shop amnual it is in section 15. If not I will scan a copy and e-mail it to you. Cheers Maclolm Hi Malcolm, could you e-mail the stereo wiring diagram to me as well please? i have a 1988 Mazda 323 (i guess/hope it's the same as the 1989?) and have some trouble installing the radio. in fact it works, but when i switch my headlights on, the radio goes dead. it's either radio or lights alone, not together. any idea? Thanks, Kris

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