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On a 1995 Nissan Altima GXE why would the engine turn over but the car does not start?


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2010-12-17 18:36:58
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This is a problems with the Starter. I have a similar problems and resplace the starter and it fixed the problems. Car is old, recommend go to junkyard and but use Starter.

Answerwhy not check to see if there is gas delivered to the fuel injectors, see if the electrical system is delivering to the spark plugs, see if the air cleaner is clogged, or maybe the timing chain is in need of replacement.


Check the knock sensor. I have a 96 and the car will turn over but not start sometimes. I took it to get looked at and they said that the knock sensor was bad which causes it to misfire on the ignition sequence. Hope that helps!


Could be the knock sensor, but on my car (same type) it was a sensor in the distributor. I just replaced the distributor.

Let me debunk the previous answers here.

1. If the engine turns over, then the starter is fine.

2. The knock sensor will not interfere with the engine firing. The knock sensor senses the predetonation of the fuel mixture as the vehicle is running. Even if the sensor was bad the engine would still run, it just wouldn't adjust the timing to prevent predetonation of the fuel mixture.

3. Could possibly be fuel related. Locate the fuel rail on the backside of the engine, above the intake manifold. You will find a valve cap, similar to those on you tires. Remove this cap. Crank the engine over a few times, this will pressurize the fuel system. If you depress the valve underneath the cap, fuel should spray out. If it does this indicates that the fuel pump is working correctly.

4. Check the spark plugs. Either use an appropriate spark checker, or remove a plug and ground it to the engine with the plug wire still attached. Have an assistant turn the engine over, check for spark.

5. Unless you have the air intake completely covered and sealed, the engine should still start even with the dirtiest of air filters.

6. To check the timing chain, remove the distributor cap and have an assistant turn the engine over. If the rotor button turns, then the timing chain is working well enough that it should start the vehicle. Its possible that it may have jumped time, but I feel that the engine not starting is a simpler fix than the timing chain.


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something wrong on the engine get it chek for any codes

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I am having the same problem with a 1998 Nissan Altima. The engine runs fine at idle. When you press the gas the car stalls out. I'm down to replacing the gas pump in hopes of fixing this problem.

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starting with the redesigned 1998 altima the engine crankshaft was balanced much better to reduce vibration. we have a 1993 and a 1999 altima with the same engine and the 1999 is so smooth at idle i sometimes can't tell if it's running.

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There are pages of things that will turn the check engine light on. You need to have it checked for codes.

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Use an automotive computer code-scanner to read the stored code. Then you'll know why the "check engine" light is on.

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