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On a 2002 Toyota Tacoma The dash board brake indicator goes on and off driving on rough road what would cause this?

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2007-08-21 22:22:15

Answer 1 Check mastercylinder brake fluid reservoir to make sure

it's full. Although I'm not familiar with your make and model. the

cause which you ask about is probably as alluded to in the above

previous answer, in that the brake fluid reservoir is low on fluid.

Many later model vehicles have a low fluid level sensor in the

brake fluid reservoir which triggers the warning light in the

instrument panel in order to remind the driver to have the brake

system checked. When the fluid level gets down to just above

the "trigger" level, although the light generally stays "off,"

sloshing of the fluid during movement of the vehicle can cause to

light to turn on and off intermittently.j3h.

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