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You must mean the head not the block. Yes it can but use Teflon tape.

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What is the difference between schedule and class?

schedule is the thickness of the pipe and class is pressure/temperature rating of a fitting or pipe

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1994 Nissan Sentra?

It is on the firewall side of the motor and can be accessed on the passenger side of the car. I believe it is on the thermostat housing. There is a coolant line that connects to a fitting right next to the sensor in the housing.

What is the difference between JIC hydraulic fittings and a sae flare fitting?

Jic is a 37° Flared Fitting sae is a 45° Flared Fitting

What is the difference between a drainage fitting and a pressure fitting?

Drainage fittings have pitch and are not pressure rather

Where is the low AC port on the 2002 Chrysler Town and Country?

front passenger side, look for the fitting on the line .

What is the difference between curve fitting and regression?

curve fitting is a very difficult and time wasting method while regrresion is more to use as compare to curve fitting

What is mean by fitting of bathroom?

Fitting of bathroom is the process of setting all kinds of water points like shower, basin and other water points for controlling the flow and temperature of water.

You want to connect a male PVC fitting to a copper pipe?

Sweat a female fitting on the copper or use a compression coupling between the two.

What is defrence between fitting NACE material A105?

what is the difference between A105 and A105 Nace

Where is the low temperature valve in a 1999 Montana in order to add air conditioning refrigerant?

You mean the low pressure line. Open the hood, look straight down between the radiator and engine. You should see a metal line with a quick-connect fitting on it. Might be a screw-off cap on the fitting. That's it.

What is the difference between a105 and a234 in swage nipple fittings?

a105 is forged carbon steel fittings and are used in ambient temperature or low temperature service whereas, a234 is wrought carbon steel/low alloy steel fitting used in moderate or elevated temperatures.

What is difference between tube connector and tube adapter fitting?

A tube connector is the standard fitting that goes on a tube or hose. A tube adapter fits to a tube or hose and enables it to connect to a fitting of a different size to its standard.

Your clutch fluid is leaking near the passenger side of the trans on your 1989 Chevy pickup what could it be?

Perhaps slave cylinder, line or fitting leaking?

Difference between coupling and pipe union?

A coupling is a threaded or soldered solid fitting, a union is a fitting that joins two pipes and can be taken apart with wrenches.

Is it required to have a dielectric fitting between brass valve and black steel pipe?


Do you need a dielectric fitting between stainless steel fittings and galvanized fittings?


Where is the ac recharge fitting on a 1996 grand Cherokee v8 318?

I've been trying to find the same fitting for my 95 unit and may be on to something. On the AC compressor there is a fitting labeled H, which I assume is the High pressure side, which is NOT what you seek. I found an aluminum tubing that comes out of the firewall turns right and the follows the passenger side fender all the way to the radiator. There is a female fitting on that tubing that takes the recharge fitting, so after a little more investigation I hope to try that on my car. I hope that this helps you, and me.

Do you need dielectric fitting between black iron pipe and stainless steel?


What is the difference between pipe fitting and pipe joint?

Fittings receive the male joint.

Where is the temperature switch on a Nissan Pintara?

If its a CA20E engine, you will find it on top of the inlet manifold at the front, it has a blade type fitting on top...

Do you need a dielectric fitting between stainless steel and copper pipe?

Yes, need one between the two dissimilar metals.

Where is the low side of AC on a 97 dodge caravan?

If you are wondering where to add R134a on the low side, the fitting is located on the passenger side of the car, near the compressor and towards the headlight from the drive belt (fairly close, about a foot away, to the radiator). There should be a black cap (screw) just like a valve stem cover on a tire covering the valve. The high side connector is located in the engine compartment, passenger side, near the fender well back towards the alternator and very close to the drive belt. The high side fitting is much harder to find (see) than the low side- the low side is right out in the open. The fitting you have for adding R134a from the can will not fit on the high side. The high side fitting is larger than the low side fitting.

What is the difference between a compression fitting and a capillary fitting?

The difference between a compression fitting, and a capillary fitting is: in plumbing, are two types of fastening pipe together. Compression is the squeezing of a material around that of another material to secure a leak proof joint. A capillary fitting is a fitting usually involving a heat source as in copper pipe being soldered together. Soldering two pieces of pipe using a gas propane torch and a joiner which is simply another small piece of copper pipe that is made larger at both end to allow the pipes to enter each end of the joiner. After cleaning the ends and applying a flux to the ends you are ready to fasten the pipes together by just heating the joiner when the temperature is hot enough the solder will melt around the pipe. In a vertical position the top will solder easily, with gravity and heat. The bottom will use capillary action which is a sucking up of the solder due to the heat and flux.

What is another word for not fitting?


What is the difference between plumbing MIP and FIP?

MIP ==> Male Iron Pipe thread (i.e. threads on outside of fitting) FIP ==> Female Iron Pipe thread (i.e. threads on inside of fitting)