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Replace your Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor.

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Q: On a 95 Saturn is not shifting gears could it be a sensor in the trans-axle?
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Orange engine light mean on Saturn LS300?

The orange engine light means that your Saturn LS300 has a sensor that is signaling for a service. This could be an oxygen sensor, an oil sensor, or even a tire sensor.

Where is the transmission range sensor on a 1997 dodge caravan?

Hello i have a 97 dodge neon outo trans which forward works good but no revers, any idea what it could b, it just stop working

Why would the Speed sensor on a 1994 escort leak after new clutch was installed what could cause this?

The vehicle speed sensor is located in the transaxle. If the technician forgot to pop the sensor far enough back into the hole, the tranny fluid could potentially leak out. I know, because this happened to me when I replaced my Speed sensor.

What could be wrong with your 1999 SC2 if it does not start on cold days?

Coolant Temp Sensor (CTS) if its more pronounced on cold days - this is the 2 wire sensor - NOT the one wire sensor - the 2 wire sends input to the PCM (computer) and the 1 wire is for the dash light/guage. Eric The coolant temperature sensor is a common problem for these cars. I would be suspicious of it. When my Saturn wouldn't start on cold days it ended up being a computer chip. This chip also controlled the shifting. My car had problems starting in cold and shifting at first when cold.. once computer chip was replaced, there has been no problems.

Free electrical wiring diagram 1995 Saturn sl1?

fan does not kick on . when wired direct, it comes on. could it be the sensor?

Why do you have to jam your Chevy Malibu in park for it to start?

If your pressing your brake when shifting it could be the neutral and park sensor. Or the linkage. If its the linkage you might have problems with your transmission slipping and shifting by its self or into certain positions easyly than others.

Why are the censors breaking all of the time on my 2000 Saturn?

If its the same sensor each time, then there is an underlying issue that keeps reoccuring. It could be that what ever the sensor is monitoring is breaking as to alert to the issue, or it could be that there is a short somewhere in the wiring or even it could be getting too hot or wet. Which sensor is it by the way.

Your transmission is not shifting in your 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problems?

my transmission is not shifting on my 2005 Ford Taurus what could be the problem

Your transmission is leaking and the dealership said you need a shift solenoid Does one have to do with the other you thought a shift solenoid was for shifting performance?

THATS possible if its a Honda or foreign car.some of these models have external soliniods.the transmission fuid is channeled to the solinoids for shifting porposes.and there are seals on the ya they could leak.there could also be a sensor leaking and not a solinoid and that could be on any vehicle made

What could make a 1996 Saturn SL2 chug and run rough even after changing the EGR valve?

Could be alot of things. Here's a few that i suggest to ck out. 1. Clogged cataletic convertor. 2. need a tune-up 3. TPS sensor (Throdle position sensor) 4. MAP sensor

What could cause the security and service lights to turn on in a 2002 Saturn L100?

Passlock sensor (Ignition housing) Or body control module fault

Why would your Nissan altima 97 auto transmission be shifting gears too early?

If the 1997 Nissan Altima with an automatic transmission is shifting gears too early, it could be that the shift solenoid for the transmission is faulty. Both the shift solenoid and the speed sensor on the transmission should be checked.

What are the signs of a valve body failure on a 1997 Saturn?

If the transmission is slipping or shifting badly it COULD be a sign of a valve body failure. If the transmission will not engage reverse or any of the forward gears, it COULD be a sign of a valve body failure.

On a 1993 Saturn SC1 would the map sensor or idle sensor cause the engine to idle high 2500 to 4000 rpms?

Could be throttle plate stuck open Try to free it with screwdriver with engine off

Could a faulty temperature sensor in a 1997 Saturn SC1 cause the car to not start?

Yes. The composite/plastic tips crack. This in turns causes the wire connection to corrode. Replace it with an updated brass tipped version from saturn. Clean the connection or replace it if neccessary. It is also availlable from saturn.

Could a faulty temp sensor in a 98 Saturn SC2 cause the car to idle erratically?

Yes. IT can make the engine run to rich, and then cause misfires

99 Saturn SL2 which you had to replace the computer on recently and now your car smokes blue when you jump on the accelerator What could cause that You replaced o2 sensor plugs possibly a sensor?

Sounds like rigs or valves. Start with a compression test.

Which has more rings Jupiter or Saturn?

Saturn has the largest rings. Also if you could make a tub big enough Saturn could float in it

What could be the population of Saturn?

Zero. There is no life on Saturn.

Why won't your 92 Saturn start It starts when its cold but when it warms up it won't start. The engine cranks and cranks but won't start but i can push start it just fine?

it could possibly be a bad coil, crank shaft sensor, or cam shaft sensor.

Could there be life on Saturn?

yes it is possible for life to be on Saturn.

If its not the shift solenoids what could prevent the transmission from shifting into third gear and overdrive?

If your transmission is not shifting into third gear and overdrive it could be a parking pawl. This prevents the transmission from rotating.

Can you eat on Saturn?

Eat? You would be lucky if you could survive on Saturn. But if you made it there ok, I guess you could.

Why transmission shifts into drive extremely hard on 2001 Chevy Malibu?

It could need a trans fluid and filter change. Something that is often neglected. Pull dipstick and if fluid smells burnt and looks dark and dirty, it needs a change. Other than that, it could be electrical, a sensor or shift solenoid on the transaxle.

How do you repair a john deere 212 transaxle?

drop out the transaxle buy the 5 bolts holding it on but to get to those you will have to remove the fender by removing the 4 bolts holding it on, 2 by the engine and 2 by the seat also you will have to remove the pedals and shifting nobes. once you get the transaxle out you could drain the fluid its easiest out because you can get it all out if done right. then loosen all the bolts holding the two half's of the transaxle then take pry bars and work your way around to loosen it and once you get it apart all the gears inside will fall out so you should have a diagram so you know how it goes back together and you do that and connect the sides again and if not all gears slide back into there holes you will have to stand the transaxle up and down in like a round steal tube and take a screwdriver and pry them back into the holes then you just assemble everything back together. make shure you put a new gasket on because the old one is no good once you disassembled the transaxle.