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In insurance, we like to say that the difference between PC 1 and PC 10 is how many people are watching your property burn! The truth is that the number correlate to population densities. PC 1 is a major urban center and PC 10 is wide-open country. On any property policy the distinction between PC 1-8 and 9 and 10 has to do with Fire Protection. 1-8 Means that you likely have a fire hydrant (or qualifying suction point) within 1,000 feet or less to your property AND a fire department within 5 miles (of paved road). PC 9 means no hydrant or suction point, but you still have a fire department within 5 miles. PC 10 means you have none of the above. ------------------------------------------

To further clarify the above information, fire protection class is determined by ISO (Insurance Services Office) - a national organization that sets loss costs, rates, publishes standardized policy forms and conducts inspections to determine the effectiveness of local fire departments and building codes. Unfortunately, your protection class is not something that be negotiated with the insurer....

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Q: On a Builders Risk policy what distinguishes protection class 1-8 or 9-10?
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