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On a Pontiac Grand Am V6 3.1L why would the check engine light come on and the car jerk and there be a burnt rubber smell?


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2007-04-14 03:58:05
2007-04-14 03:58:05

I had the same problem. Took it into the dealer and it ran me about $1,000. Blown head gasket in my intake. In other words, this car is no Corvette, lol.


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Freshana AIRIA works wonders on getting rid of burnt rubber smells!!

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The soot/burnt oil could be coming from a leaking valve cover gasket. The burn rubber may be coming from your fender wells if your tires are rubbing.

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You can use either term. 'Burned' and 'burnt' are variations on the same word, just like 'learned' and 'learnt'.So you could say, 'The car smelled of burned rubber', or 'The car smelled of burnt rubber'.

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On a 2001 it is under the dash, glove box side. You should be able to see that it is burnt.

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