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There should be a button to the left labeled information, it should switch between the speed and the main stuff. If the button doesn't work properly, disconnect the battery for about an hour and it should reset.

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How do you reset Isuzu elf timing belt light which is having digital milage meter 4jg2 engine?

digital metar timin light off

How can you slow a digital electric meter from home?

Shut off the breakers to high current appliances, baseboard heating and lights.

What type of camera has a sensor that converts light into eletrical charges?

Any film camera with a light meter, and every digital camera, has a sensor that will do that.

What is a digital clamp meter?

A digital clamp meter is a meter that works from clamping over the wires. YOu dont actually have to cut or bare the wire

What would cause the brake lights in a 95 civic to never come on even though the tail lights work and the fuses are good?

There may be a cut in the wire(s). You will need a Digital Volt Meter to test the wire(s) at your brake light. There is a switch that is actuated when you apply pressure to the brake pedal. If the switch is malfunctioning your lights won't come on.

How a digital electric more useful than an analog electric meter?

in a digital meter you get a digital value of your measurement. but in analog meter you have to check the position of the pin along the scale and find out the value.

What are the disadvantages of a digital multimeter?

An analog meter will respond to linearly as current is present . digital meters cannot do that not until the conversion is complete. in essence an analog meter is human friendly as compared to a digital meter. both have their places in applications.

Your tail lights dont work but everything else does?

check bulbs with meter. check to see if connectors are loose on light. short in wire leading to lights. check fuses.

Who invented the first light meter?

who envented light meter

Is automobile speed meter a digital device?


Why will the 1990 corvette interior lights stay on at times and kill the battery door switches check ok?

In cases like this it is best to use an anolog meter instead of a digital meter,I say one of your switches is bad, rarely is it both switches,if the wiring has not been tampered with, the switch is breaking the contact to the light when the door is closed,when the door or doors are opened current or volts flows. sometimes a digital meter is to fast to detect the fault, current is leaking by one of the switches. disconnect the battery, or remove the bulbs until the problem is solved.

How do you check a brake switch How do you know if its bad?

Put a test light or a an ohm meter between the two leads. Push in or out depending on what kind of brake switch you have. If the ohm meter shows continuity or the test light lights up the switch is all right.

How do you test a resistorcapacitordiodes?

With a DMM (Digital Multi Meter)

Can you put security code in digital meter?


When using a digital multimeter it is important to?

Not overload the meter.

Can digital power meter read the power losses?

Yes. It depends how you want to use the meter

What is the difference between an analog multimeter and a digital multimeter?

An analog meter uses an analog display - a needle that physically moves around. A digital meter will have an LCD display.

What is the advantage of digital electric meter?

A combination of greater reliability and that most digital electric meters can be read remotely without having to have the meter man have physical access.

Advantages of a digital multimeter compared a analog meter?

Digital millimeters will digitally display measurements while the analog meter uses pointers that will calibrate various things that are being measured. Digital millimeters can measure voltage, resistance, and currency and is more common than an analog meter.

What are the advantages when using a digital voltmeter?

The act of connecting a meter to a circuit can in itself, influence voltages and currents in that circuit. Digital meters have what is called a high input impedance, and because of that the influences a digital meter have on the circuit are minimal.

Difference between analog volt meter and digital volt meeter?

An analog meter has a needle that swings across a dial that has values being measured. A digital meter has numbers that change in a display indicating the measured value.

What is landlord meter?

In most states, the landlord is forbidden from having the tenant pay for lights in the common area. The landlord should have a separate meter for those lights.

Why don't the left side running lights work on my 2000 Cherokee sport?

If the right side lights are working and all left side lights are out, its as simple as this: Electricity is not reaching the bulbs. Use a volt meter (with the lights on) and check a bulb socket. if there's around 12 volts registering on the meter, then you have power to the light socket and the bulb(s) is/are bad. If there is no power to the socket, that sucks because now you have a wiring issue to chase down. This should be a relatively simple repair as long as u have a volt meter.

Why might a scientist use a light meter?

Scientist use a light meter to show how light in shining on a surface !

What does DVOM mean?

It stands for digital volt-ohm meter