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Once a car is repossessed can it be given to someone else without receiving a certified letter due to change of address?


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2005-02-06 11:11:04
2005-02-06 11:11:04

Your question is NOT clear. What do you mean "can it be given"?? No one "GIVES" cars that I know of. AFTER it is repoed, the lender can dispose of it in a commercially reasonable manner. Lenders are required by law to send letters to "the last KNOWN address". All they need is the certified receipt that it was sent and returned to meet the requirements.


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This person probably lived there before you and hasn't made a address change for his mail.

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You send them a certified letter demanding return of the car within 3 days. If no response, report it stolen.

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No. Your car gets repossessed, it's on you. You don't get to pass that on to someone else.

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I wanted to add to my original question...Our car was repossessed by the finance company because they said they found out someone else was using the car because of car payments being sent from a different address. AND, they stated that they wanted to see the condition of the car. I thought a car would only be repossessed if you were late on payments? I have never heard of this, so I don't know what is going on.

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The person not changing their address is not illegal; however, you tampering with someone else's mail most certainly is. I suggest you contact the post office and explain that you wish they no longer send you the individual's mail.

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