Once you've discovered your husband is cheating how do you forgive and move on?

He needs to end the affair, have no contact with the other person, and agree to go to marital counseling with you. Why did he decide to have an affair? He should be understanding about your anger and hurt, and he should be honest about his whereabouts and activities when you're not around. If you really want to forgive him, understand that your marriage won't ever be the same. If he has ended all contact, give him your support and trust. Don't hound him about his whereabouts, don't continually bring up the aspects of the affair. Spend more time together, focus on your marriage. Time will only heal the hurt. You will move on but you might have a hard time forgiving him. I would suggest counselling only because you need an outside person to help assess your situation and help you examine your relationship. But ask this important question amidst all the anger and betrayl- Do you really love him? Once you've answered that question will you only know which direction your life will go. This unfortunate situation will also be a test of both your relationship. Best of luck and remember this is what you want not what you "think" is right. You leave him! that's how you move on...... If your husband isn't in the habit of cheating then the two of you need to start communicating and getting some counseling. I don't believe there are any excuses for cheating, but, we are only human and we do make mistakes and every marriage can have it problems. If he has cheated on you 2 or more times before it's time to kick this loser out the door.

ANSWER A well-packed rental truck is a great way to move on !