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spread of middle eastern culture and technology to Europe.

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For Europeans what were the positive results of the Crusades?

One major positive result from the Crusades was from the new territories that were conquered. The new territory brought in more income.

What was one direct result of the Crusades?

The Crusades increased trade and commerce.

What was a result of the Crusades?

A result of the crusades was all of the Byzantine Empire

What was an indirect result of the Crusades?

discovery of the new worldOne indirect result of the Crusades was that the feudal system was not as strong as it had been. Another indirect result was that trade and commerce picked up.

One result of the crusades was that the demand grew in Europe for products from?

The East.

What was another major result of the crusades besides religious tolerance in western Europe?

Growth in trade and in economy.

The result of the first crusades was?

the crusades were too week to fight

What major result did the crusades cause?

The crusades marked the split in the midieval times, during the crusades, they cause a social change in Europe turning towards the renaissance era. social change includes a diffrent diet, clothing and arcitecture

One result of the Crusades was an increase in trade between the Middle East and?


What are the four major crusades?

The crusades were the result of the Pope wanting to get back the holy land with Jerusalem and its surrounding biblically historic cities. There were nine of them and the first four are considered to be the most important.

What was the result of the crusades for Europeans?


How many major Crusades were fought?

There were 8 crusades all together.

What cities benefit from the crusades?

Genoa, Pisa, and Venice flourished as a result of the Crusades because the Crusades increased trade in the area. :D

As a result of the Crusades the use of money?


What was one result of large armies traveling great distances during the Crusades?

Cultural Diffusion increases

Did towns spring up as a result of the Crusades?


Which of these did not happen as a result of the Crusades?

New territories were established.

The pope hoped the. would br reunited as a result of the crusades?

The Pope hoped that the Eastern Church (Orthodox) and Western Church (Catholic) would be reunited as a result of the Crusades.

How did the crusades make the church stronger?

The Crusades contributed to the wealth of the Church by bringing back plundered goods. The Church also became stronger as a result of the crusades because of its influence over the people during the Crusades.

What was a major accomplishment of the Crusades?

the purpose of the Crusades is to free the Holy Land of the Muslims. To convert religions to Christianity!

How did the crusades result in the persecution of jews?

The Crusades brought knowledge of Muslim culture to Europe. As a result, those who did not participate in the Crusades grew more intolerant and began to view all non-Christians as their enemies. This led to the increase in the persecution of Jew in Europe.

Was the crusades a succsess or a failure?

The crusades were a failure to the Christians. They kept winning and then losing, but the final result was that the Muslims won the land.

New Social class emerged as a result of the Crusades?


What are two result of the plague striking Europe?

One-third of the population died; was a cause for the crusades; lead to the end of feudalism.

What were the names of the major crusades?

Most of the crusades were named for either the number of the crusade or the area to which armies were marching. Some examples include the First through Ninth Crusades, the Northern Crusades and the Albigensian Crusade.