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The pick up coil is located at the base of the distributor and plugs into the ignition module. The pick up coil's purpose is to sense or "pick up" the pulses of the distributor and tell the ignition module when to fire the spark plugs. The most critical part of the replacement of the pick up coil is to make certain you properly mark the orientation of the distributor to the engine block and the rotor to the distributor base. When you successfully make these markings, you will not need to check your timing when this job is finished.

2006-07-28 16:53:09
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What is a humbucking pick-up?

Two Pick-Ups In One Did you know:A humbucking pick-up is a pick-up that has 2 single coil pick-ups put together.

1991 Dodge Dakota that won't START - I have already replaced the pick-up in the distributor and coil and coil wire you have power to the coil but there is not power coming out of the coil - help?

Replace the ECU.

How do you change a pickup destributor?

you must remove the distributor, disassemble unit and replace pick up coil

How do you change a pick up coil on a 1993 gmc suburban?

well if you truck have a coil pack you would have to replace the hold pack but if they a indviseual you can replace each one if thay are seprate it will cost a bout 100 apiece

Why won't a 1987 ford bronco II start-when you have replaced the coil and the module there is no spark?

Replace the pick up coil it's inside the distributor. This may fix it.

Where is the camshaft position sensor located on a 1991 Cadillac fleetwood?

Cam sensor is inside the distributor under pick-up coil. Some say whole distributor has to come out to replace, some have snuck it out by removing pick-up coil.

How do you replace pick-up coil Chevy 350 tbi?

Take off the old one, put the new one on.

How do you change a pick up coil on a 88 GMC 2500 pickup?

how to changr pick up coil 88 vandura

What can be the problem of a 1994 Chevy Suburban 1500 will not start even though spark plugs coil and distributor replaced and there is no spark?

Is it a brand new distributor ? If not then replace the module and pick-up coil in the distributor that you have.

How do you remove the pickup coil from a 1993 Chevrolet S10 4.3 6-cylinder?

remove the distributor cap remove the screws that attach the pick coil to the base of the distributor and replace in reverse order

Where is the pick up coil located in a Mazda 323 and how much to replace?

Usually it's inside the distributor, depending on the kind of ignition used.

Fiero no spark2.5Li replaced the module nothing took out distributor cleaned with memory paper on pick-up coil contacts really thought that was it for sure but nothing put another computer in nope?

Are you sure the pick up is good? If your not sure replace it. You can check the ohms on the pick up coil they should be between 500 and 1500. Check the rotor button for a hole burnt in it. Check the coil and coil wire. WHAT THE HECK R U PPLS TALKING ABOUT???

Have a 1990 Chevy 305 have put new ignition module cap and rotor have power to cap but no spark?

I have 1994 GMC 1500 with 305 mother if you cut the wire that comes from your ignition to the coil can it stop you from having fire to your

Do you have to remove the distributor to replace the stator in a 90 Chevy 350?

Yes you do. You have to take the distributor shaft out of the distributor to Remove the pick-up coil / stator.

What would cause my Ford E-150 Van to crank but not start when I have 12 volts to the coil but no spark from the coil?

Perhaps a bad coil? I have a 1986 ford club wagon 150-302 with fuel injection. It turned out that the pick up coil in the distributor was bad and I had to replace the distributor. Not an easy job.

How do you change a pick up coil on a 1985 Chevy?

if the coil is on the distributor cap,remove cover then disconnect wires from the coil and remove coil. if coil is on engine then loosen the bolt and remove from coil mount

Why don't you have fire when you changed out coil wires and distributor cap?

Rotor Pick-up coil

What is the difference between a ignition coil and a pick up coil?

Ignition coils are generally external while pick up coils are generally internal to distributor

What might prevent a 1989 Jeep Cherokee from getting spark?

could be.... coil ... coil wire or... pick up coil.. not working

How do you replace the pickup coil on a 1995 Ford Taurus?

remove the distributer, remove the roll pin holding the drive gear onto the distributer shaft, remove the distributer drive gear, remove the shaft from the distributer to gain access to and remove the stator(pick-up coil). Replace the stator, and reassemble everything.

How do you install a pickup coil on a 96 GMC sierra V8?

96 gmc does not have a pick up coil but the coil is monted to the intake removed by two bolts pick up is in the dis. removed by pulling the dis. then by taking a part

Where is pick up coil on 1999 dodge ram?

In the distributor.

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How do you change the pick up unit on a 1987 Chevy silverado?

if you're refering to the ignition pick up coil, then it's inside the distributor. you need to remove the distributor, dismantle, replace the coil, and reinstall the distributor. if you aren't mechanically inclined, then don't bother trying. you need to do certain prep work, have a timing light, know how to rebuild a distributor, and reinstall it to specs.

Pick up coil?

Need more info than that to help you.