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One of the brake lights is busted changed it. now there all busted. why is that?


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If by "busted" you mean "not working" then you most likely have a wire that is shorting out. Trace all the wires and check them for bare spots. A wire could be "grounding out" and causing fuses to blow.


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Then the brake lights are out but the middle one still lights up. (:

Depending on the year, there may be one fuse for all three brake lights, or two fuses, one for the highmount brake light and one fuse for the two lower brake lights/tail lights. So, if all three brake lights are out, it could be just one fuse or perhaps the brake light switch which is on the brake pedal metal arm assembly.

Nothing will happen to the rest of the lights if they are connected in paralell. If they are connected in series when one light is broken all of the lights go out.

probably a rust brake line i am having the same trouble and one of the steel lines is busted

Look for a fuse labeled TAIL LIGHTS. There are 2 separate circuits, one for brake turn and flasher and the other is for tail lights.

You need a minimum of 2 brake lights, So if your car has 3 brake lights and one goes out, you are still legal. Some cars do not come equipped with 3 brake lights but others do such as a honda civic with a spoiler light do.

The most likely cause is a bad brake light switch (if none of the brake lights illuminate) but if its only one of the brake lights, try changing the bulb. Even if they still work as running or turn lights because they have a double filament and may still work partially, but not as brake lights.

Many cars use the same bulb for the brake and turn indicator. Seems like one is burnt out. Have someone step on the brake and see if one of the brake lights does not respond.

put your foot on the brake pedal and press down while some one looks at the brake light to see if it lights up

Nonfunctional Brake LightsOne possible cause of this issue is that the brake light switch is not adjusted properly, or the switch could be defective.

It depends on the vehicle but in general you would have one fuse for the signals and one fuse for the brake lights.

Your trailer tailights are dual-filament, with one being the running lights and the other the brake lights. You need a separate power source from your towing vehicle's brake lights to power them. The easiest way to do this is go to U-Haul and but a set of their trailer towing taillight bulbs for your towing vehicle. The bulbs replace your standard tail/brake light bulbs, and they have two wires coming out of the base of the bulb. One of the wires connects to your trailer's running lights, and the other one connects to your trailer's brake light circuit. I'm trusting that when you re-wired your trailer, you ran two wires from the taillight socket, one for the running lights and one for the brake lights. In some trailers, the brake light circuit also doubles as your turn signals. Good Luck.

The tail light/brake light bulb has two filaments. If one of the filaments is broken, you will get either only tail lights, or brake lights. If a new bulb doesn't work, then you have a broken wire or bad connection in your plug-in.

its probably not a fuse at all, but it could be your brake light switch. its under the dash hooked to the pedal. I had to replace one on my 84 t-bird

Check bulbs they are double filamented with smaller for brake lights Could be a problem in steering column

I have a 79 ford chatou 12 seater van. everything works the bulbs are good but the brake lights wont turn on when I step on the pedal. whats up? if its my brake switch should I change it out? or can it be fixed also which fuse is my brake lights? wouldn't the lights all be on one fuse? I have a 79 ford chatou 12 seater van. everything works the bulbs are good but the brake lights wont turn on when I step on the pedal. whats up? if its my brake switch should I change it out? or can it be fixed also which fuse is my brake lights? wouldn't the lights all be on one fuse?

It means one of your rear brake lights are out. Not the tailights but the brake light(s).

You do not need the key in the ignition to make lights work. They are "hot" all the time. The reason you Sid marker lights are coming on at the same time is because you have a bad ground in one of your brake lights. It's allowing electricity to jump from the brake lights to the tail light circuit. Take the brake lights apart, clean up all the rust and make sure they "ground" to bare metal. Problem cured.

If your 98 Monte Carlo brake lights do not work when you hit the brakes, but the top one behind the glass works, check the bulbs. If the bulbs have burn out, the lights will cease to work.

tail light bulbs has two filaments inside. One for regular lights and a second for brake lights. One filament is burnt out. Change the bulb.

If the brake lights on a vehicle do not work on one side, this could be an indication of a blown bulb. Also, some vehicles have front lights that affect the rear lights, so checking for problems in the front lights could help as well.

more often than not there are three brake lights. one at eye level on the rear windscreen and one either side of the hatch/boot. Hope this helps

There is a switch just above the brake pedal that is called the brake stoplight switch. When the brake pedal is released, it stops the brake lights from illuminating. Check to make sure the switch is contacting the brake pedal stop where it should. A short term method of not killing the battery would be to unplug the connector to the switch and get a new one. It won't have brake lights when disconnected so I don't recommend driving with it like that. replace the broken switch

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