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The reason you would lose weight in this suit is by excercising in it you would get sweaty and burn calories, and then finally lose weight. by:Hannah

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What is the best way to lose weight without dieting or exercising?

I'm sorry to tell you, but without dieting and/or exercising your not going to lose weight. But eating smaller meals with help an even doing 20 sit up a day will help, or try going for a short run with some friends (makes it more fun)

How can you lose weight without dieting or taking a stimulant?

You should try exercising, especially doing some cardio workouts. Also eating healthy is very important. Keep in mind that dieting and eating healthy are not the same thing.

How do you use the word deceptive in a sentence?

The commercial for this product was very deceptive; I have not lost twenty pounds without exercising!

Is there any way to lose weight without dieting and exercise?

There are some surgical alternatives, but they are only for very specific cases. Losing weight by eating less and exercising more is the best alternative.

Are plantains good for weight loss?

Plantains are a good way to lose weight because they contain a lot of nutrients like vitamin C and potassium. They also have no cholesterol in them, but don't eat too much while dieting without exercising.

How can you lose weight without dieting or exercising?

You can't permanently loose weight healthily without dieting or exercising. Acai pills and other form of weight loss pills are either temporary or don't work at all. Balemia and Anorexia make you loose weight but are very unhealthy and may result in serious, irreversible damage to the heart and other vital organs. You can go into a sauna and sweat off a few pounds but a few hours after you get out, the affects wear off. So sorry, but you'll just have to accept your body the way it is, or begin a healthy diet and exercise more.

How do you get skinny fast without dieting?

exercise... :) running works the fastest

What is a dieting guru?

A dieting "guru" is a person who claims - often falsely or without representation, such as a medical or nutritional degree - to be an expert in a certain field, in this case dieting. They will give advice or tips on how to diet and manage weight loss.

Can you get a set of nice abs without diet?

yes you can , i dont beleive in dieting

Is exercising at night effective?

It depends on the situation.If you have been up all day, then exercising at night will prove to be ineffective.If you have been sleeping all day, and you woke up at night, then exercising at night is just as effective as exercising in the daytime.The reason being is because you need to get sleep, and without sleep, your body can't rest, and exercising won't prove to be effective without at least 8-12 hours of sleep.However, exercising at night is no different than exercising in the daytime if you have the right conditions.

How impose the product without advertisement?

how can we promote a product without advertisement

How does diet and excersie affect your health?

Dieting badly can affect the way the body works. By eating the right amount of the right type of food the body will be able to continue working well. Exercising also plays a vital part, without exercise your body won't be used to things you do such as running, jogging or even walking. By exercising regularly your body will stay in great shape and work properly. xp

Can people glide?

Without an air resistance mechanism, no.

How can you lose 30 pounds without dieting?

you can't it's impossible you need to diet and excersise

How can a 110.5-pound 12-year-old girl who is already dieting and exercising lose 5 pounds without starving herself?

If you are having problems losing the weight then all you have to do for about 3 weeks is to ride your bike 5 or 6 days a week. That and a healthy diet should do it!

Can a reaction mechanism be determined without an experiment?

A reaction mechanism can be proposed using computational studies. But needs to be experimentally proved.

How to lose weight at home without dieting?

this product helps to loose weight very effectively you can too try this product just click the the link below to purchase this product using this link h tt ps:// w ww .digis to re 24 .c o m/re d ir/34 8520/pappithasports/(REMOVE SPACES)

How do your lose weight without dieting surgery or pills?

It is all about portion sizes. Sorry but that is all i can give you.

How do you lose weight in 3 weeks without dieting?

If you really want to lose weight in 3 weeks without dieting, you need to go on vacation with some friends. You will be having such a great time that you'll forget to eat, and you'll exercise without even realizing it (splashing in a pool, walking on a beach, horseback riding, etc).

How do you lose 5 inches from your waist in 1 week without exercising?

You may be able to lose 5 inches from your waist in one week without exercising. You can do this by eating healthy foods and staying away from foods that cause bloat.

What is the best way to lose weight without exercising?

Well, since your not exercising then, perhaps going on a diet will work, but if you want to lose weight faster, then you're going to have to exercise and diet. Exercising can be good for you and believe it or not you may be exercisng when you think your not.

Exercising without legs?

There are plenty of arm exercises you can do. See the Related Link below.

What does bureucrat mean?

An individual who works to a fixed routine without exercising intelligent judgement

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