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One who comes early when you are latewho?

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A deadline.

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If your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

if your period comes on early does that mean that you are not pregnant?

Where did phrase Early bird special come from?

The phrase early bird comes from the phrase the early bird gets the worm. That phrase comes from the English proverbs of 1670 meaning that the one to show up first has the best chance of success.

What does it mean when your period comes one week early?

It probably doesn't mean anything

When does the Deathly Hallows of Harry Potter come out?

It comes out in 2010, in late summer, or early fall. part one of the film comes out in cinema 19th of November 2010 and part 2 comes out in July 2011

What part of speech is comes in the sentence The boy comes to school early every day?

Comes is a verb in that sentence.

When will spring start if it comes early?

If spring comes early it will probably start about 3~4 weeks before it's original date which is March 25.

When does the new world in wizard celestia comes out?

i think it comes out in late august or early september.

Where do zebras comes from?

The horse, or early horse, "Eopphius"

What will happen if a baby tooth comes out to early?


What does it mean if the Groundhog doesn?

Spring comes early.

Who comes to visit with Juliet early that morning?

Early that morning, Juliet's mother Lady Capulet, comes to visit her. Her mother tells her that her father gave his consent for her to marry Paris.

What happens when a period comes early?

High bouts of stress and/or anxiety. It's normal for a period to change cycles, no one is on a set schedule.

What does it mean if period comes a week early?

Probably nothing.

Is it normal for the cramping to stop during early pregnancy?

Yes. Cramping during early pregnancy comes and goes.

If your period comes early what could that mean?

an early period is nothing to worry about, it could even just be from stress.

Is it possible to have pregnancy symptoms only for the first couple of weeks?

For some it comes early and subsides early as well.

Do social security checks come early the week of Christmas?

yes social security comes early for Christmas

Where is the quote 'Music gives flight to the imagination'?

The quote 'music gives flight to the imagination' comes from the work of Plato. He was one of the early philosophers.

Im not on birth control my period comes around the 23rd what if my period comes a week early one month then the next it come two weeks early now its the 16 and nothing?

im in the same boat as u. i had my period on 1/16/10. then next one was Feb 12th(one week early), and come March... nothing! i might be pregnant but not sure. i now have several cramps.. bloated... and lots of bowel movement. and lots of gas. so if anyone can help me with these, that would be appreciated. thanks

Will spring weather come early this year?

Yes, the groundhog didn't see his shadow and that means spring comes early!

Is it a sign of pregnancy if your period comes on to early?

No it is not. Not all your periods will be normal. They can be late, early, or even possible to miss a month.

When does the Sims 2 Mansion and Garden come out?

it comes out early November?

When does Lost come back on 2009?

It comes on early Feb of 2010

When does kingdom heart Birth by Sleep comes out?

Early July, for PSP

What is Jeep bloodline?

That is a game bloodline that comes from the early pitbulls years.