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Osiris Seth and Isis story?

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Well it is known that Seth killed Osiris. One day Seth invited Osiris and Seth had already planed to kill his own brother. What happened was Seth then brought out a pig that had all different jewles and fancy decorations in it. He said " whoever fits perfectly in this pig will be able to keep it for them selfs". Ok so one by one everyone there went in it and no one fit so it then was Osiris turn. He fit in it perfectly. But, Seth already he knew he would because he measured his brother perfectly. So right then when he sat into the pig Seth said " oh yes you fit so you get to keep it it will be the coffin you die in". While saying that he slamed the cover down closing it on his brother and putting it into the Nile river. That is one of the stories. it was not a pig it was a box that he decorated, after osiris' death isis was devasteded at the death of her husband so she went on a journey to find the box but to no avail, she then came across a bunch of children who told her where seth had thrown the box in the nile, this then took her to the land of babalonia or something she found him after becoming a nurse to the queens daughter etc etc seth found out and cut osiris up the end <3

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Who is seth in the myth Osiris and Isis?

Seth is the brother of Isis and Osiris, who tricks Osiris to his death and takes the throne that had been his brothers.

Summary of the story of osiris and isis?

Well, osiris was married to isis and osiris died.

Who are ra's children?

osiris,isis seth and nepthys

Who was osiris?

Osiris was the god of the underworld. Osiris was killed by his brother Set or Seth. Isis is Osiris' wife and god of mother nature.

Who is Isis' brother?

Isis had three brothers, Osiris, Horus (the elder), and Seth. She also had a sister named Nephthys. Isis eventually married her brother Osiris.

Is seth and horus brothers?

Yes, but they were half brothers. Nephthys (Anubis's real mother) seduced Osiris and was impregneted by him. She gave birth to Anubis yet abandonded him, leaving Isis (his aunt/mother) to care for him. Then later on in the story, Set chopped up Osiris and Isis and Nephthys put him back together again. Isis then gave birth to Horus and Horus killed Seth to avenge Osiris, his father.

Did seth kill osiris?

Yes. Seth/Set killed his brother Osiris and chopped him up into pieces. However, Isis, Osiris's wife, put Osiris back together and brought him back to life.

How did seth kill osiris?

Seth murdered Osiris by drowning him in the Nile then Isis brought him back to life, and Seth killed him again, this time chopping him into little pieces and hiding him all over the Egyptian desert. Isis brought Osiris back to life, enough to conceive Horus but then Osiris died again, this time because Isis's magic wasn't strong enough.

How did seth kill isis?

In Egyptian myth, Set did not kill his sister Isis, he killed Osiris her husband and brother in a attempt to become the ruler of Egypt. Isis revived Osiris and had Horus who was Set's rival for the throne.

Who was isis's brothers and sisTers?

She is sister-wife of Osiris. Seth is also her brother. Nephthys is the sister-wife of Seth, and the sister of Isis.

Who is the most popular Egyptian goddess?

Isis Isis was the wife of Osiris. When Seth murdered his brother Osiris, he chopped his body into pieces and hid them in 14 different locations. Isis recovered them and put them together to make the first Mummy.

Who were Osiris' parents?

Osiris' parents were Nut and Geb. His sister was his wife and her name was Isis. He also had another sister, Nephthys, and a brother, Seth.

How did osiris meet isis.?

Isis and Osiris are brother and sister.

Who murdered osiris?

His brother Seth. It is said that he cut Osiris into pieces and hid them in 14 different locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered them and put them to together to make the first mummy.

Who did isis marry after Osiris died?

Isis did not marry after the death of Osiris.

Why are Isis Hathor Osiris and Horus important?

Hathor is Osiris' mother. Osiris is Isis' Husband and brother. Isis is Horus' mother. They are all important to the Egyptians because Osiris was killed by his brother Seth. He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 different locations. Isis found the pieces and made the first Mummy. Horus was the son of the murdered Pharaoh and Hathor was the mother of the Murdered Pharaoh.

Was isis osiris's sister or wife?

Isis was both Osiris sister and wife. When the story was originally told Osiris and Isis were brother and sister but then later the story was told again and the two were for lack of a better word "reincarnated" being husband and wife.

What was Isis known for in Egypt?

In the typical form of her myth, Isis was the first daughter of Geb, god of the Earth, and Nut, goddess of the Sky, and she was born on the fourth intercalary day. She married her brother, Osiris, and she conceived Horus with him. Isis was instrumental in the resurrection of Osiris when he was murdered by Seth.

Why did Egyptians identify closely with the story of Osiris and Isis?

It is a story of love, life, death, and rebirth.

Who is god Isis in Egypt?

She is: Wife of Osiris Mother of Horus Daughter of Geb and Nut Goddess of magic Sister of Osiris, Seth, Nepthys, and Horus (Family was complicated)

What is the Myth of Isis?

It is said that Seth killed by his brother Osiris. He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 different locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered the body parts and put them together to make the first mummy

Why do you remember isis?

It is said that Seth was killed by his brother Osiris.He cut him up into pieces before hiding them in 14 different locations. Osiris' wife Isis recovered the body parts and put them together to make the first mummy

Who was the official mummy maker?

Isis. When Seth murdered his brother Osiris, he cut him into pieces and hid them in 14 different locations. Isis recovered them and made the first mummy.

How was Osiris murdered?

He shut Osiris in a chest and put the chest on the Nile, where it eventually washed on the shore. Isis then found the body. When Isis had left, Seth found it and chopped Osiris up into many pieces and scattered them around in Egypt. Isis and Nephthys found all the pieces and wailed for Re to have pity on them. Re sent Anubis and Thoth to mummify him, and Isis morphed into a kite and fanned life in Osiris. Osiris was sent to be king of the dead, as he couldn't live in the surface world.

Why did osiris marry his sister isis?

For Egyptian gods and goddesses, at least Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, and Nepthys, it is sort of like reincarnation but not. So, originally Osiris, Isis, Horus, Set, and Nepthys were all brother and sister but then later on the story was told differently with Osiris and Set still being brothers and Osiris being married to Isis and Horus being their son while Set and Nepthys were married.