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Osiris Seth and Isis story?


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Well it is known that Seth killed Osiris. One day Seth invited Osiris and Seth had already planed to kill his own brother. What happened was Seth then brought out a pig that had all different jewles and fancy decorations in it. He said " whoever fits perfectly in this pig will be able to keep it for them selfs". Ok so one by one everyone there went in it and no one fit so it then was Osiris turn. He fit in it perfectly. But, Seth already he knew he would because he measured his brother perfectly. So right then when he sat into the pig Seth said " oh yes you fit so you get to keep it it will be the coffin you die in". While saying that he slamed the cover down closing it on his brother and putting it into the Nile river. That is one of the stories. it was not a pig it was a box that he decorated, after osiris' death isis was devasteded at the death of her husband so she went on a journey to find the box but to no avail, she then came across a bunch of children who told her where seth had thrown the box in the nile, this then took her to the land of babalonia or something she found him after becoming a nurse to the queens daughter etc etc seth found out and cut osiris up the end <3