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Congratulations! If it was my dog that had the puppies, I would wait until they were about 10 weeks old to just pet them lightly. I would wait until the pups were around 5 months to really get to know them and to let them get to know their surroundings. The puppies should be petted in front of the mother so that your beagle knows that you aren't going to take her puppies. You might even start letting them out before that. I would wait until they can walk decent enough before they should be let loose around the mother in a area of your house SUPERVISED. Well, this is my opinion and I have 13 dogs and 5 have had a litter.

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Q: Our honey bee beagle gave birth yesterday May 15 2007. i have three children that would love to just pet the puppies. when are you able to hold them or pet them will she harm them if held to early?
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How do you help a beagle give birth?

Most of the time, you don't need to do anything to help a beagle to give birth except to provide her with a safe place to have her puppies. Offer her a small drink of water from time to time, when she is resting between puppies, and make sure that the puppies stay warm and that she licks them as soon as they are born. You can help her dry them off by rubbing them with a clean towel. If she is very active while giving birth you can place the pups that are already born in a small box on a heating pad, but make sure that they don't get over heated. Return them to her during the times when she is calm.

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The average litter size of a beagle is about seven pups, but it is not unusual for any number between two and fourteen pups to be in a litter. My beagle came from a litter of three, and from the same breeder, we have also viewed two other litters, one of six, the other of seven. It is not highly uncommon for beagles to give birth to still borns.

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Lick my nut and kill yourself ounces

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