Outer tie rods 2000 alero?

outer tie rod get the parts first verify they are the same (length and style) 1 loosen jam nut to outer tie rod (the nut that is threaded on the inner tie rod just behind the outer tie rod.) 2 (remove cotter pin) loosen castle nut or if it has a locking nut just remove the nut. air tools make life easier in this situation. 3 take a tie rod separator tool (pickle fork) and separate the tie rod from the spindle (takes a few blows) If you don't have this tool you can just use a hammer but be accurate and careful when swinging. 4after separation you should be able to unthread the outer tie rod from the inner tie rod. (leave the jam nut on or if new tie rod comes with a new jam nut take off the old by first marking a reference point where the old nut is. either count threads or take a paint marker or even tape. This keeps the toe align angle roughly where it should be. 5 reverse procedure with new part (tip use anti seize compound on the inner tie rod threads so when aligned it does not seize up long time down the road) 6 torque nuts to manufacture spec and replace cotter pin every time if it has a castle nut.