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another test that you can do befor desid to change the battery ,first get a good mulimeter or DC voltmeter , then start the car, switch OFF all electrice devices like interior light , outsid light , radio, offcorse AC ,while the engine is runing disconect the posittive batery conector from it ,then test the voltag between the car chasse and the disconected positive battery pole .. if it reades from 12 to 14 volt this mean the car ulternator is ok . then the battery need to be replaced ,,, dont forget to choose good brand with same AMPS capacity..... good luck

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In Hinduism what does the lighting of lamps represent?

Lighting the lamps means carry you life from dark to bright and before it stays dark and after lighting lamp its bright

What types of lighting will obscure texture in bright areas A.side lighting B.edge lighting C.back lighting D.oblique lighting?

a. side lighting

How artists utilize lighting in the scene?

they were bright

A bright flash of light during a thunderstorm?


Does interior lighting help someones driving visibility at night?

Interior lighting allows people to see their instrument cluster and vehicle controls. If excessively bright, it'll actually impair driving visibility due to the glare.

What makes an adventure film?

bright lighting and fast sceans

Challenges and advantages of outdoor photography?

Natural lighting has a beautiful affect but is often not bright enough or too bright.

How bright is 7000 lumens?

This is very bright for indoor lighting, the equivalent of about 350 watts of incandescent lighting, or a 65-watt and 42-watt CFL pair (4200 and 2700 lumens respectively).

Troy Lighting for Bath and Vanity?

Bath and vanity lighting needs to be bright enough to allow for proper application of makeup and other grooming tasks, but soft enough to flatter the image in the mirror. To look your best at the work place, choose lighting that gives the same type of illumination. Remember that women always look their best in light that matches the place where they applied their makeup.Troy Lighting at offers many lighting choices that are suitable for a variety of needes. For the best in home lighting, choose Troy.

Ambient in a sentence?

The ambient lighting in the restaurant was low, but there was a bright candle at each table.

Are Lady Bugs And Lighting Bugs poisonous to bullfrogs?

Yes, because of there bright colors.

The christmas season starts in Estonia with the lighting of what candles?

The Christmas season starts in Estonia with the lighting of the Advent Candles. Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in Estonia.

Does the RAW on a camera affect whether it's too dark or too bright?

The lighting becomes more critical as the camera will not try to adapt or allow for the lighting it is presented with.

Why did your black moor fish turn gold?

It can either Mean the lighting is too bright or the water is warm

What products does Super Bright LEDs offer?

Super Bright LEDs offer a full line of high quality LED lighting products for a variety of applications including Automotive, Recreation, Boating, Landscape, and Home. Some products they offer are car headlight bulbs, trailer lights, accent lighting, industrial lighting, strobe lights, flashlights, and motorcycle lights.

When approaching a vehicle from the rear at night within how many feet must you dim your bright headlights?

according to Florida handsbook, you must dim your bright headlights within 300 feet of the vehicle ahead.

Which tv gives the best picture lcd or led?

They are both LCD. The "LCD" you are thinking of uses fluorescent lighting to light it up, while the other "LCD" called "LED" uses L.E.D.s for lighting. The LED lighting is much more even, sharp, and bright than the traditional fluorescent lighting.

5 way intermediate lighting wiring diagram?

hi, very good question got same problem but have now figured that one out simply by 1 2way sw then 3 intermediates then end with 1 2way. bright sparks.

What type of home lighting is the brightest?

An overhead pendant light may be the brightest for an indoor room. Usually residents use layers of lighting fixtures such as ceiling lights, floor lamps, wall sconces, track lighting and task lighting. If you are referring to types of bulbs, then halogen bulbs give bright white light similar to sunlight. LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures are energy efficient lighting options.

What fluid is bright yellow in your vehicle?

Antifreeze is usually bright yellow. There are also a few brands of window de-icer that is yellow too.

With how many feet of an oncoming vehicle should you dim your bright headlights?

If you can see the oncoming vehicle then he can see you. Dim your lights at that time.

What do caterpillars need to survive?

Water, fruit, leaves, fresh air, Grass sunlight or some sort of bright lighting.

Why lightning affects your eyes?

I believe it can affect your eyes because lighting is a flash of bright light that your eyes cannot withstand.

1997 Chevy Lumina with police package When you try to turn on bright headlights they go out completely Can't find brights fuse What is wrong?

Had a similar problem on a different type vehicle. Turned out to be the dimmer switch.

Within how many feet of a oncoming vehicle should you dim your bright headlights?

500 feet if the vehicle is coming to you, 300 feet if you are following it.