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working in a rural area, i make 10.00, but there are jobs available in downtown Chicago that pay from 60,000 to 110,000 a year, so there is really a very wide range.

The person that answered I believe is speaking about a Medical Billing. Medical Billing and Medical Coding are two separate Careers. Billers work for Doctor's Offices and are on the lower pay scale earning a per hour rate and based on what part of the country you live. Coders on the other had work from home and do coding for the Insurance Companies. Pay varies greatly for them as well but can be anywhere from $30,000 to upwards of $100,000 all depending on company you work for, personal effort and experience.

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What is a medical coder?

A medical coder types out codes then sends them to insurance companies

What does a certified medical coder make per year?

How much money does a certified medical coder make? How much money does a certified medical coder make?

Do you know the medical coder salary?

The medical coder salary may vary from 25000$ to 40000$. The person who is willing to choose this medical coder job should have some required qualification.

How much does an medical coder make?

A good medical coder can make between $25,000 and 37,000 per year.

What is the salary for a medical coder in Michigan?

$ 39.000

Would it be better being a medical asst or Medical billing coder?

medical assistant

Who makes more money a nurse aide or medical billing and coder?

the medical billing and coder whose starting hourly pay is between $12.00 and $14.00

Can I take classes online to become a medical coder?

Yes, you can indeed take classes to become a medical coder. You can take them on the following site:

Which is a health care administration job?

Medical coder

What is the difference between a medical records Technician and a medical coder?

The medical records tech works in the medical records dept and pulls and files the records. A medical coder reviews doctor's notes and other records and translates them into numerical diagnosis and procedure codes, usually for the purpose of billing insurance companies. A coder is a much more trained individual.

What is the purpose a of certified medical coder?

The purpose of a Certified Medical Coder is to retrieve and assign accurate coding on medical claims to generate claims for payment. Claims are then submitted to the patient or CMS or the commercial payer.

What is hourly wage entry level medical coder?

There is different wage scale depending on economic status. In the USA the hourly wage for entry level medical coder is $10/hr.

How a medical coder uses number?

a medical code users numbers to code the patient complaints?

How many years of college does it take to be a medical biller and coder?

What does it take to be a medical billing worker

How many years of schooling is required to become a Medical Coder?


What skills are most important to be successful as a medical biller and coder?

there is no qualifications!

What are the duties of a medical biller and coder?

process payment to patients account

What is Medical Coder?

Taken from Wikipedia, a medical coder is an individual who uses a set of published codes for reporting services and products provided by a health care provider to an insurer of the recipient of the care.Hope this helps!

Where is the medical coder salary being made and distributed at?

No, it all requires effort. There are some for reasonable prices. Effort is required for all medical coder jobs and finding them as well. The price depends entirely on your employer.

What are the top salaries for a Medical biller and coder in the state of North Carolina?

The top medical salary for a billing and coder in North Carolina is 80,000$. They are very high in demand and the beginning salary continues to rise exponentially.

How much money does a medical coder make atlanta ga?

how much do medical coders make in atlanta ga

How do you say medical coder in spanish?

"Codificador Médico" seems to be the prevailing term.

how to find a payscale denist ?

how to find a payscale denist ?

What does a medical billing and coder do?

Medical billing is the process of getting a health care professional or facility paid for their services. This is both payment from the insurance carrier and the patient. A medical coder analyzes a patient chart and assigns the appropriate diagnosis code (ICD) and treatment (CPT) code with related modifiers. The medical coder typically interprets the providers notes to accurately assign the proper codes. Medical billing and coding is one of the fastest growing careers in the medical records and healthcare information management field, according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics. And with salaries hovering around the $32,350 mark, being a medical biller and/or coder is indeed a good career choice.

Where can you find a medical code cheat sheet?

Medical code cheat sheets like Rapid Coder ICD-9 2014 are not available free anywhere online. Rapid Coder sells different charts for $25.95 each.