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the middle colonies for sure. how come you didn't know that?

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Q: Plenty of good farmland in the area to support large colony?
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Why did people want to settle in the colony of new jersey?

rich farmland and large plantations

Colonial Pennsylvania geography?

Pennsylvania has a mixed geography of lowlands around Lake Erie as well as coastal plains, mountains, and large plateau areas. When the Pennsylvania Colony was founded in 1682, there was plenty of rich farmland for growing wheat, corn, and other crops.

What advantages did a protectorate have over a colony?

It cost less to run thana colony did, and did not require a large comitment of military support

Why is Egypt so populated?

Egypt is the most populous Arab country. The fertile farmland near the Nile is able to support a large population.

What is the large eastern European country excluding Russia and home to a large area of rich farmland?

Ukraine, 67% of farmland, and obviously the biggest one.

Does japan has a amall amount or a large amount of good farmland?

large amount

What was the geography like for the Seneca tribe?

Geography for the Seneca tribes location of what is now New York and Northern Pennsylvania were heavily wooded, with a lot of large bodies of water. There was also plenty of farmland.

What is called the bread baskets?

Large areas of farmland growing wheat.

What is a penguin colony?

a large group of pengiuns known as a colony of penguins

Was New York a large colony or a small one?


What british colony's first large group of settlers were prisoners?

Penal Colony

Within which large arc of rich fertile farmland was Mesopotamia located?

about 4-10 kilometers

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