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Polaris owes most of its fame and usefulness to its position about 0.6 degrees away from being directly above the North Pole of the Earth. Polaris is actually a fairly dim star; it is the faintest of the 59 standard navigational stars.

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Q: Polaris is almost directly above what point on Earth?
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Where is the Polaris located above the Earth?

Almost directly above the North Pole.

Why does polaris not move as the earth rotates?

It does but only a little. It is almost directly above the Earth's North Pole so that the axis of rotation points towards Polaris.

Where is the polaris located the star?

Almost directly above the North Pole.

What is the name of the star that is directly above earth's north pole?


In which direction does the Earths axis point?

Earth's axis points toward a star called Polaris. Polaris, which gets its name because it is almost directly above the North Pole

What is a Polaris star?

Polaris is a star which is directly above the North Pole and therefore appears to be stationary as the Earth rotates on its axis.

Where is polaris?

Polaris is also known as the "North Star" or the "pole Star". It is a bright star, positioned almost directly above the nortern end of the earth's axis of rotation. It is the end of the Little Dippers Handle.

How is latitude determined by using Polaris?

Polaris (or the North Star) is almost directly above the North pole. This means that when you stand on the north pole and look directly up, you will see Polaris. This also means that when you stand at the equator and look directly north, you will see Polaris on the horizon. You can not see Polaris from the Southern Hemisphere. The angle Polaris is above the horizon is equal to the degree latitude that you are standing on. Therefore at the equator, Polaris is 0 degrees above the horizon and at the north pole, Polaris is 90 degrees above the horizon.

What is the significance of polaris in the sky?

It is almost directly above the North Pole and so was used, for centuries, for navigation.

What is the legend behind the constellation polaris?

Polaris is NOT a constellation - it is a star. It's the North Star, meaning, it is directly above Earth's North Pole.

Is the north star everywhere?

No. The north star, Polaris is one particular star almost directly above the North Pole.

Why does polaris appear not to move relative to the northern horizon during the year How could Polaris help in finding direction?

Because its almost directly above north pole, and Polaris represents the direction north.

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