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you can get De chlorinating tablets to bring it down otherwise just wait until it settles down.

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Q: Pond or pool what do you do if you added too much Clorox?
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How much Clorox in a hot tub?

When it comes to how much Clorox you should put in a pool, this depends on how big your pool is. If it's a large pool, you may put as much as half of a cup, or more.

How much Clorox bleach to shock a 24 foot round above the ground pool at the beginning of the season?

Around two Clorox 182 oz jugs,

How do you get rid of pool black spot?

Bleach or Clorox.

How much water is you your pool?

about 1000 imperial gallons in my pond - no idea about anyone else's

Can you use Clorox in your 10x30 pool to clear the water?

You could, but you won't save money unless the bleach is free. Chlorine for pools is much more concentrated plus it has stabalizers in it. A: Clorox is 5% strong. Liquid Pool Chlorine is 12.5% May cost more but is much stronger and will take less to do the job. Liquid chlorine in any brand or strength will not have stabilizers in it. Those have to be added seperately. You can buy dry chlorine and that will have stabilizers in it. but you will not get the quick reaction for your algae problems with it. k

What is the difference between a pond and a swimming pool?

a pond is smaller

How much Clorox for 15000 gal swimming pool?

== == == == == == Visit the nearest pool store in your area for advice on chemistry. Because of regional differences in water make up I may provide the wrong instructions. k

Is pond a living thing?

A pond is not a living thing, it is simply a pool of water.

Can you use regular chlorine in a swimming pool?

yes, but it takes many gallons of clorox A: Clorox is only 5%. You would have to use 5 to10 as much of it then swimming pool liq. chlorine at 12.5%. The answer would be NO. You would end up using algaecides and other products in order to maintain the water. It could get quite costly for you.

When would one need to use a pond heater?

A pond heater is used to keep your pond from freezing solid in the winter. A frozen solid pond is bad for your pool liners, koi, and for some pool structures that may use cement.

What are some slang words for pool?

One slang term for a pool is a cement pond.

What is Another word for small lake?

Pond, pool.