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The positive effects on western culture on indian youth would be that there are definitely more oppertunities for them. They can learn about the culture and determine, themselves, how they feel about it.

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Q: Positive effects of western culture on Indian youth?
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What are bad effects of western culture on India?

Some of the bad effects of western culture are:- 1. Effect on Indian songs and music. 2. LOSS of Indian culture. 3. Influence on dressing style of Indian Youth

What are the Bad effects of Indian culture moving towards western culture?

WE all come from different culture. There are no bad effects.

What are the adverse effects of western culture on Indian youth?

the western culture effects the children in the east by changing their culture from the traditional followed in India to the pop culture of the western world this isn't appreciated by most elders

Is western culture eroding Indian culture?


What are negetive and positive effect of Indian cultural imperialism on Pakistani media?

ther is only a sinle positive effect of India's culture : it urges people to take their responsibility to promote their own culture as others . but there are countless negative effects of Indian's culture

Is western culture destroying the Indian culture?

no i think western culture is not destroying our Indian culture because we all have to grow up with generation adopt something from every culture

What are the bad effects of western culture on Indian culture?

because of western culture people are forgetting their own culture, people have forgot worshiping their God, hve become cruel and lazy,for example,early rising to late rising

What Is The Difference between Indian culture and western cultur?

Western culture is all about sex and money where as Indian culture is all about love, sacrifices,caring and helping who are in need. Western culture more or less professional.

Disadvantages of western culture in india?

western culture dameg the indian thought and also dameg the huminity.western culture is important but with humunity

How western culture influences Indian culturre?

There are many cultures in India and therefore every culture in India influences the Indian Culture. Thus, the Indian culture has a lot of varaities

How our Indian culture have changed positively due to western culture?

Western ways have merely modernized our Indian culture, in the way of letting go of certain beliefs and incorporating new ones

Why is Indian culture better than western culture?

it is not "better" it is different, all cultures have their own individual ideas, modes of dress and cuisine.but now the indian culture are highly influenced by western culture.indian people are chnage themselves in western culture

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