President cut by British soldier with sword for not cleaning boots?

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Andrew Jackson
No president was "cut for not cleaning boots" Washington was the only president to serve in the British army in the French and Indian war. He was an officer. Your question implies that the man was enlisted. At 13 Andrew Jackson was hit with a sword by a British solider when he was ordered to clean his boots and he refused.
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How did the soldiers get to the war after boot camp?

Answer . A simple queston with a very complex nature. It all varies. Varies on country, which service (navy, army, etc), and war time situation. Usually it goes something like this: 1. Enlistment 2. Bootcamp (6-13weeks) 3. Additional training at a military school for specific job (5- ( Full Answer )

How do you clean suede boots?

Use a clean soft tooth brush and foam up Dawn dish soap with warmwater. Only use the suds! Don't saturate the clean toothbrush. Putthe suds on the tooth brush and gently rub the tooth brush back andforth on the suede AND don't saturate it! When finished use a papertowel to get any dampness off the s ( Full Answer )

What is high cut boots?

High cut booths are called so because the ankle area of the boot iscut to cover the ankle bone which is different to the Football(Soccer) boot that is cut under the ankle

How do you clean ugg boots?

Step 1 Use cold water to lightly moisten the outside of the boots only. Do not submerge them in water. Step 2 Dilute a cleaner appropriate for leather to form a solution of one part cleaner and one part water. Step 3 Apply solution to a wet sponge and gently clean boots' outer surface. Rinse with ( Full Answer )

How can I make my boot-cut jeans shorter without losing the boot-cut of the jeans?

Boot-cut jeans are wider at the bottom of each leg than they are atthe knee, allowing room for the jeans to easily cover the tops ofboots. Shortening the jeans at the hem (bottom of the leg)necessarily removes the wider portion of the pants leg, leaving thenarrower upper portion to fall over the boo ( Full Answer )

Can a sword cut a person in half?

The sword may be very sharp but it is unlikely that it could literally cut a person in half, especially since it can be assumed the "victim" would be a moving target. The space between the last rib to the pelvic bone is only about 18" to 24" and at the rear (posteriorly) are the bones around the spi ( Full Answer )

How do you do a clean boot in a computer?

Hit Windows Key + R to open Run . Type in 'msconfig' and hit enter . Click the Services tab and then check "Hide all Microsoft services" and then click Disable all. . Next select the Startup tab and click Disable all . Apply the settings and Reboot

How do you keep white cowboy boots clean?

Other than not wearing them, you can spot clean them regularly witha leather or suede cleaner like Jason Markk Repel. You can alsocarry a Tide-To-Go pen or shoe cleaning wipes with you so you canwipe off any stains or scuffs as soon as possible.

How did the soldiers keep clean?

They had a bar of soap and water to wash themselves with. also they had trainers that tried to keep them as fit as possible, also, the cape would keep them a little more dry so there feet wouldnt get to wet and therefore stopping trench foot.

How do you clean your timberland boots?

To clean your Timberland boots, first use a soft brush to removeall of the dirt. Then, spray the boots with a leather cleaner andwipe with a soft cloth. You can then coat the boots with a spraythat will waterproof them as well.

How do you clean bearpaw boots?

To clean Bearpaw boots, dampen the entire boot evenly to the seams.Use a soft, damp cloth to clean the leather with a small amount ofwater and suede cleaner. Do not pour cleaner directly ontosheepskin. Thoroughly rinse the area with a clean, damp cloth andallow to air dry.

How can you clean ugg boots?

You can clean Ugg's buy just going over the surface with a wipe. Then when there dry they should be back to normal condition but spray them with hair spray if the drying proces is taking to long. . Ugg boots are so cozy and warm, you may never want to take them off. However, the constant wear ( Full Answer )

What product do you use to clean football boots?

i have the green nike mercurials boots and i find that the easiest way to clean them is with a wet cloth and a toothbrush with detergant and hot,soapy water. this seems to clean them very well but i have also heard that using 'Jif' cleans the black lines off them aswell. Hope i helped!

Can a sword cut through medieval armor?

A heavy sword could cut through light armor if it was skillfully used. Glancing blows, light swords, or heavy armor made the sword fairly useless.

How do you clean your sword blade?

clean the blade with a soft cloth. then dust it with the powder baqll or powderball stick gently on the top of the blade also the other side. DO NOT touch the blade after this it will damage the blade due to ur oils. immediely get a clean soft cloth put a few little dabs of the oil in the cleaning k ( Full Answer )

How do you clean oil from ostrich leather boots?

Add oil to area that don't have oil! Then you won't to care about the oil mark. I have a wallet and be accident I had some oil got on to it It is all most impossible to clean it, at the end I just paint mywhole wallet with oil After that I got a dark brown wallet

How do you clean splint boots?

what i do is i get them wet with warm water then take a tooth brush and put soap on them and scrub the mud and dirt off. then once i got most of it off i throw them in the washer and then hang them to dry

When do you clean out sword fishs tank?

All fish need at least a 50% water change weekly. Good practice is to change 10% daily and 50% weekly. It is assumed that the tank is large enough for the fish (1 inch of fish needs a minimum of 1 gallon of water) and filtered properly too.

What is a British soldiers?

The term British Soldiers applies to all soldier of the United Kingdom, and historically all soldiers of the British Empire.

What does the cleaning of the sword represent?

1. To stop it from going rusty. 2. It is as if the swordsman is saying "It is finished and I wipe my hands of the whole affair. Like Pontious Pilot did when he washed his hands after giving the Jews permission to crucify Christ.He did not wish to leave a stain upon his reputation.

Soldiers in the Civil War what did they do in boot camp?

Many of them were just hoping that they might be given some boots sometime! (Incidentally there were no left or right boots. Civil War boots were only one shape. You trod them in.) In the later half of the war, many Confederates were doomed to stay barefoot, unless they won a battle, when they coul ( Full Answer )

How do you clean caterpillar boots?

The best way to clean Caterpillar boots is to use a soft bristlebrush. Slightly wet the brush and gently glean the dirt off.

What do you clean a cut with?

In most places now, I believe the trend is towards simple water. A small amount of anti-septic would also not go astray.

Do soldiers to to war after Boot camp?

Soldiers, after boot camp, can go to war, but often don't. They will most likely undergo some specialized training in boot camp, but might go to another camp, to learn more about their specialization and be with people who will be with you IF you even have to fight. If you're ancy about going to war ( Full Answer )

Do you cut your hair in boot camp?

Yes, unless you are a woman. They shave it as soon as you are off the bus. Good luck & thank you for serving us.

Is the cleaning method of UGG boots complex?

No. for the outside, it would be best to use a brush or similar object to brush of any dirt or grime. you can also wet the outsides lightly to help wash of any mud, grime etc. sticking to it. don't submerge them in water however.

How do you clean muddy boots?

get a jay cloth , wet it and wipe it over un till u get the clean shoe put jay cloth in bin and dry the boots and then buy new jay cloths or get another out the pack.

Will you live if you get cut with a sword?

yes, if at a right time one has' the treatment and in case that the sword has not pierced harmfully. Answer: Cuts by a sword are no different than any other ut (except that they may be delivered intentionally). If the cut is lean, severs no a major artery, and does not result in an infection, th ( Full Answer )

What did soldiers in the trenches do to keep clean?

They washed themselves with water and soap. When they had lice they were taken to big vats of steamy water while their clothes were put through delousing machines but this didn't work very effectively. The ones in the active fighting did not worry about cleaning - a lot of the time they were up to ( Full Answer )

Can a dog clean his own cut?

I wouldn't let him lick it, just in case. Some say that a dog's mouth is clean and its saliva has anti-bacterial qualities, but that is not strictly true. A dog that constantly licks at an open wound prevents it from healing over, and will likely become infected. It is highly recommended to take you ( Full Answer )

How do you clean koflach boot liners?

As I am a fan of Koflach boots I recently acquired a pair with liners off Ebay. The inner liner being in decent condition, needed a clean as the previous owner was clearly not one for looking after his kit!. Looking at the materials involved in the construction of the inner boot, (yes inclusive of i ( Full Answer )

What do crossed swords in the british army mean?

The crossed-swords are associated with fencing, a popular sport inBritain in the 19th Century. As all instructors of the British ArmyPhysical Trainings Corps are skilled in fencing, the Cross Swordwas adapted as the badge of honour for all Physical TrainingInstructors in the British Army since the 1 ( Full Answer )

How do you clean the inside of boots that are furry?

You could sprinkle in Baking Soda on furry areas inside boots. Then, use a soft rag to work the baking soda down into the 'nap', just like working it into carpet. Let the boots sit overnight with the baking soda so it absorbs any odor or dampness in the furry sections. The next day, turn the boots u ( Full Answer )

What is the procedure for cleaning knit boots?

Knit boots, or other knit items, can be cleaned with a mild cleaner such as Woolite in the gentle cycle of most washing machines. The preferred way, of course, is hand washing.

Where can one purchase boot cut jeans?

Boot cut jeans can be purchased in many retail stores. Most local malls likely consist of a few stores that carry boot cut jeans. Stores such as Sears, Gap, and Old Navy have boot cut jeans in stock.

What is the best way to clean out a cut?

First you will need a bandage to put over the cut to prevent it from being infected. Use something which is known to disinfect, such as alcohol, and put it on the bandage or directly over the cut and then cover the affected area.