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Very carefully.

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Q: Proponents of civil rights in the 1960s wanted to abolish the poll tax how was this accomplished?
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Proponents of civil rights in the 1960s wanted to abolish the poll tax. How was this accomplished?

Very carefully.

How can the word abolish be used?

Abolitionists wanted to abolish slavery.

What side wanted slavery during the civil war?

In the civil war the south wanted slavery. The North had machines and wanted to abolish slavery. ; )

The Confederacy wanted to abolish slavery?

The Confederacy did not want to abolish slavery. In fact, they wanted to expand slavery into the new territories of the US.

Who wanted to abolish slavery?

William Wilberforth?

Who wanted to abolish American slavery?

The abolitionists.

Why did people want to abolish slavery?

People wanted to abolish slavery because it was a violation of human rights and dignity. Slavery perpetuated a system of inequality, exploitation, and oppression. Many believed that all individuals should have the right to freedom and self-determination.

What were the goals of the Abolitionists?

Simple. They wanted to abolish slavery.

For what reasons did the North and South fight the Civil War?

because the North wanted the south to stop slavery and the south did not so they declared war. ANSWER The Northerner People fought to restore the Union and abolish the slavery. The Southerner people fought for the Southern Independence, the Rights of the States and to preserve the "Peculiar Institution"

Garrison and others wanted to?

Abolish slavery throughout the USA

Why did Great Britain abolish the mughal dynasty?

They wanted their riches

What was Abraham Lincoln's decision about slavery?

He wanted to abolish slavery