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Birth Control will not protect you from any sexual transmited disease reduce early child pregnancy will help reach your future goal easier time,day care,gasoline cost,finding sitter,school home work assuming you try to finish your HIGH SCHOOL .

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Q: Pros and cons about birth control distributed in high school?
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What are pros and cons of birth control being given to teens in high schools?

The justification for offering birth control to high school students is that they "are going to do it anyhow;" the birth control helps keep them from actually conceiving, and supposedly promotes "safe sex." Opponents to this birth control, though, feel that this actually '''promotes''' sexual activity among high school students. They disagree with the notion that "they're going to do it anyhow." Providing birth control at the high school can also keep the parents uninformed about the sexual activity of their children; this can be bad or good, depending on the parents' attitude.

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Where can I find reliable information on various birth control methods?

There are many great sites that explain the pros and cons of different types of birth control. Try or the American Pregnancy Association at Your local Plant Parenthood Center offers up to date information on various types of birth control. You can search for a local health center location by zip code at: The Website also offers birth control information.

What options are there for birth control besides the pill?

There are several different options for birth control, including condoms, the patch, the sponge and shots. Each method has different pros and cons, so I would suggest discussing the options with your gynecologist or visiting a Planned Parenthood for more information.

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