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use bacteria as "factories" for protein products such as insulin

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The microscope enabled scientists to magnify their observations, allowing research and the study of cells, bacteria, animals, etc.

Scientists are able to track ozone hole. New technology has enabled them to do so.

Venus was the planet that the spacecraft Magellan enabled scientists to research extensively.

Venus was the planet that the spacecraft Magellan enabled scientists to research extensively.

Staining enabled scientist to identify cell organelles.

Underwater cameras and lights and robot technology

becase of the nature of their growht enabled them to be found in colony form

the development of the microscope enabled scientists to increase their understanding of cells as they learnt they were alive and also learnt their was things in them.

The microscope enabled scientists and other humans to observe specimins and other microscopic objects too small to be seen by the human eye. This also enabled us to witness depth in the slides used for examination.

1. Invention of Microscope 2. Staining of chromatin material

They used sonar So dont be an idiot correct the mistake and ask another question

There's not THE ONE way how bacteria move. some are enabled to diapedeses, others have flagella, others use the flow of their environment to get transported, others use parts of their host cells moving machinery,...

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