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Qu'est-ce que c'est la fumeé cigarette?

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that means : what is it ?

That means that you are currently in school? That means that you're doing your studies?

What is the Inuit language?

It's a pity that you aren't next to me - c'est dommage que tu n'es pas à côté de moi.

C'est que veut dire spca? The literal translation doesn't make much sense "It is what wants to say spca?" "que veut dire" is translate "what is the meaning" And so the question translates losely to, "What does spca mean?"

j'ai acheté une jupe à fleurs, parce que c'est la mode.

De que estan hechos los cigarrillos electronicos?

que is who? who is que? q is a letter.

You meant: ...QUE SEPAS QUE... Quiero que sepas que te estimo --- I want you to know I appreciate you (informal you singular)

What do you mean "What"?

To have to....= Tener que.... (I) have to....= Tengo que.... You (singular, informal) have to....= Tienes que.... You (singular, formal) have to.... = Usted tiene que.... You (plural, informal) have to.... = Teneis que.... You (plural, formal)/they have to.... = Tienen que.... We have to.... = Tenemos que....

que frio que hace que frio= how cold que hace=it makes translation its cold its making or it makes cold

tel que telle que (gender feminine) plural: tels que/ telles que

It is not grammatical. It means: "that that which mommy" Que lo que mami (substandard Spanish)

Que es means what is, in spanish

Que means what in spanish.

"Que tiene" in Spanish translated to "what he/she/it has/you have" "Tiene" is the he/she/it/you(formal) conjugation of the Spanish verb "tener" which means "to have", therefore "tiene" means "he, she or it has/you have" "Que" can either mean "what" or "that" "Que tiene?" as a question means "What does he/she/it/you have?" "....que tiene" in the middle of a sentence usually means "that/which he/she/it has/you have". 'tener que' = 'to be obliged/have to' 'que tiene que' = 'which/who is/are obliged//has/have to'

¿Que quieres? what do you want_ El hombre que vi ayer. The man that I saw yesterday Que pena ! What a shame Hasta que yo te diga Until I tell you Tengo que trabajar I have to work Me ha dicho que ya no me ama. He told me that he no longer loves me ¿que vas a hacer en Londres? What are you going to do in London? Ha dicho que?! He said what?!! ¿ Hola,Que tal? Hi, What´s up? ( how´s things,how are you ,etc) ¿ Para que necesitas diez frases que contienen la palabra ´que´? What do you need 10 phrases that contain the word ´que´ for ?

savais-tu que ... / est-ce que tu savais que ... saviez-vous que / est-ce que vous saviez

The word 'que' is a Spanish term. In English, the word 'que' means 'what.' An example of this is "que pasa" which translates to "what's up" in English.

Apparently it means - I have to do to.

'What does what?' = 'Que hace que?' (with accents on the 'e' in 'que')

"por que no puede ver que lo que quiero" in Spanish means "so that you can't see what I want" or "so that he/she can't see what I want"

what's up in spanish is "que paso?" "que hubo?" "que Honda?" "que tal"? and ect.......

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