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French not the official language of French Polynesia

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Q: Qu'est-ce que c'est la fumeΓ© cigarette?
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Quel est que-cest allemand?

Allemand = German

What does qu est-ce que cest mean?

that means : what is it ?

Ques-ce-que cest la langue inuit?

What is the Inuit language?

Cest dommage que tu nest pas a cote de moi?

It's a pity that you aren't next to me - c'est dommage que tu n'es pas à côté de moi.

How do you use cest la mode in sentences?

j'ai acheté une jupe à fleurs, parce que c'est la mode.

Cest que veut dire SPCA?

C'est que veut dire spca? The literal translation doesn't make much sense "It is what wants to say spca?" "que veut dire" is translate "what is the meaning" And so the question translates losely to, "What does spca mean?"

Cest-a-dire que vous Γͺtes en train de faire votre cours?

That means that you are currently in school? That means that you're doing your studies?

How do you say electronic cigarette is made of in spanish?

De que estan hechos los cigarrillos electronicos?

Who is Que?

que is who? who is que? q is a letter.

What does que sevas que mean?

You meant: ...QUE SEPAS QUE... Quiero que sepas que te estimo --- I want you to know I appreciate you (informal you singular)

Have to in Spanish?

To have to....= Tener que.... (I) have to....= Tengo que.... You (singular, informal) have to....= Tienes que.... You (singular, formal) have to.... = Usted tiene que.... You (plural, informal) have to.... = Teneis que.... You (plural, formal)/they have to.... = Tienen que.... We have to.... = Tenemos que....

What does que frio que hace mean?

que frio que hace que frio= how cold que hace=it makes translation its cold its making or it makes cold

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