Qualifications to be a doctor

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Well, there are several kinds of doctors. If you're referring to medical physicians, then a medical degree such as the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.), Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), or Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS/MBChB) would be the necessary degree. A medical license would also be required to practice as a medical physician. There are also research doctorates (Ph.D.s) who have earned the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Other doctorate degrees such as a J.D. degree (Doctor of Jurisprudence) are also sometimes referred to as Dr., but most commonly doctor is used to refer to medical physicians or research doctorates.

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qualifications to become a medical practitioner

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Q: Qualifications to be a doctor
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A doctor has lots of qualifications

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Are there any additional qualifications needed to be doctor?

A doctorate is a good start

What qualifications require for Ph.D Maths?

Errrr, a PhD! (Doctor of Philosophy)

What qualifications to you need to become a junior doctor?

hi, can you tell me plsea what qualification do i need to become a junior doctor?

What does a pediatrician actually do?

A pediatrician is a doctor for younger children. Same qualifications as a doctor but a better understanding of child health issues.

What are facts to know about a pediatric doctor?

Qualifications, license to practice and opinion from patients and colleagues.

What qualifications can yo you still achieve after you have finnished your studies?

Bachelor, Professor, Doctor etc..

What are the qualifications of a consultant psychiatrist?

After medical graduation the doctor has to complete postgraduate studies in human psychiatry.

Can you do all your training to become a doctor at university?

Yes. If you wanted to become a Doctor, the best way to achieve this is by studying all your relevant qualifications at University.

What does init do?

The initials D.O., when placed after a person's name, stand for Doctor of Osteopathy. This doctor has all of the qualifications of an M.D., but with a special emphasis on preventative medicine.