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"Que soy era" is typically the beginning of the sentence "Que soy era inmaculada conceptiou" Bernadette Soubirous said to be told by an apparition on the day of annunciation in 1858. The language is Occitan (Aran in Spain, South of France and valleys in Italy) and more precisely the Gascon dialect and bigordan subdialect "Que soy era" just means "I am the" "Que soy" is "I am" since the Gascon uses the enunciative form que before the verb and oftem omites the pronom Jo (I) ( ex: (Jo) que soy) era is the feminin form of eth : The Best regards Paychet
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What does 'que' mean?

Que without an accent mark means "that." Qué with an accent mark means "what?" and is used in questions. . The above answer may be in reference to Spanish (?). In French, "qué" with an accent does not exist. Que means what, which, that, or whom. It is pronounced "kuh" and is shortened to qu' ( Full Answer )

What does todo lo que puedo decir es ese te quiero pero soy tarde mean in English?

The sentence has a mistake, but the first part is very clear, meaning: 'All that I can say is [that] I like you ( a ) but...' What goes next does not make sense... 'soy tarde' has no meaning: 'soy' is 'I am' and 'tarde' is 'afternoon' or 'late'.. ( a ) Could be ' I love you '. Could it be that h ( Full Answer )

What does Que no mean?

It means "what,no?" like asking if the person u say it to agrees like "that's funny,nuh.?" but it doesnt really make sense if u say "what, no?" in English it always sounds better like "that's funny que,no?" instead of "that's funny what,no?" ;]

Soy mean in Spanish?

Soy in spanish means soya which is a bean. Like saying soy sauce in spanish is salsa de soya. Usually when you see the word "soy" it is the first person conjugation of the verb "ser". "Soy doctor" means " I am a doctor."

What does soy tu yo mean?

Together, that means nothing. "Soy" means "am" as in "I am." "Tu" means "you" as in "you are." "Yo" means "I" as in "I am." ANS2: "Soy tuyo." would be "I am yours."

What does soy alta mean?

It means "I am tall" keep in mind this only aplies for females. If you were a female you would say "Soy alta" otherwise you should say "Soy alto"

What does sois mean in Spanish?

Sois, comes from the verb "to be" [ser] conjugated on vosotros. It is mostly used in Spain or some people from Argentina. yo SOY - tu ERES - ella, el, usted, ES - nosotros SOMOS - vosotros SOIS - ellos SON http://www.linguistlist.org/issues/19/19-574.html

Soy in spanish means?

"Soy" is the 1st person singular form of the verb "ser" - to be. So "soy" means "I am."

What does soy means in spanish?

It means "I am", referring to an intrinsic characteristic, permanant condition or profession. "Soy hombre", soy maestro", etc.

What does soy una vieja mean?

"soy una vieja" has different meanings in different countries soy una: I'm a and "vieja" in a strict way means "old woman", but in different slangs means "women", "wife", "mother", or its used in between weman to call another women. so depending on the context it could mean, "i'm a woman or ( Full Answer )

Je veux que tu sois avec moi?

I want you to be with me (note the use of the subjunctive here - literally -I want that you were with me, which is the usual way of expressing someone's wishes)

What does soy yo mar mean?

"Soy yo" means "I am me", usually meaning "it's me." "mar" is the word for "sea." If you mean "I am the sea", then it would be "Yo soy el mar."

What does que sevas que mean?

You meant: ...QUE SEPAS QUE... Quiero que sepas que te estimo --- I want you to know I appreciate you (informal you singular)

J'aurai aimé que tu sois là?

"J'aurai aimé que tu sois là" means "I would have liked for you to be there." ("là" in this sentence implies "there with me", not "somewhere else")

What does soy 36 anos mean?

'Tengo/Soy 36 anos' (with a squiggly line over the 'n') means I am 36 years old. It is not really correct to say "soy 36 años."

What does soy teacher mean?

Soy is the first person singular present tense conjugation of "ser". It means "I am". Teacher is an English word. The equivalent in Spanish is "maestro" or "maestra" or perhaps profesor/profesora. So..."Soy maestra" is "I am a teacher."

What does vosotros sois mean in english?

It means "you are" when speaking to a group; more specifically, itwould mean "all of you are." Vosotros is used primarily in Spain to address two or more peoplewith whom you are familiar; it is Spain's plural form of tú. OtherSpanish-speaking countries usually use 'ustedes' to talk to a groupwhet ( Full Answer )

What does yo soy escuchando mean?

The grammar is incorrect. The forms of the verb "ser" are used for intrinsic characteristics of something, not for transient circumstances. If you were to say this, it would mean something like "I am , as a permanant aspect of my being, always listening". In this case, I believe you are going for ( Full Answer )

What does Yo soy yo mean?

Used by isself like this it probably means "I am me." or " I am [being] myself."

What does yo soy bueno mean?

Literally, this means "I am good", but you would not use the verb "ser" for this. Properly, this should be "Estoy bueno".

What does soy muy aburrido mean?

"Soy muy aburrido" in Spanish means "I am very boring" Note that it is not the same as "I am bored".

What does soy libre mean in English?

I am free, in the permanent state. Soy, I am, is always permanent for example, Soy Roberto I am Robert will never change, but Estoy Aqui, I am here, is an indefinite. To be honest you would never say Soy Libre because it can change it should be Estoy Libre.

What does yo no soy mean in English?

It means "I am not..." and could be used in response to a question,but generally would be followed by the thing that you are not. "Yono soy cansada" - I am not tired.

What is 'Que tu sois' when translated from French to English?

"That you be" and "That you may be" are English equivalents of the French phrase Que tu sois . The pronunciation of the present subjunctive phrase in the second person informal singular will be "kuh tyoo swa" in French.

What does soy lento mean in English?

"Soy" in Spanish means I am. The word "lento" is an adjective, meaning slow or slow-working. Thus, this sentence means "I am slow," or perhaps, "I am slow-working."

What does no soy un amiga soy tu mujer mean?

This is an irony-laden sentence by a woman to her boyfriend or husband. She says, "I'm not a friend, I'm your woman." The correct adjective/article is un a , not un.

What does this mean in English soy yo no quiero que te cuides mucho siempre por nuestros hijos?

Me parece algo incoherente. Sí pudiere ser inteligible pero con un mensaje deficiente y contradictorio. X_@ It's not logical. It almost could be understood although with an opposite and deficient message. Possibly: It's me I don't want you to be looking after our children all the time. No ( Full Answer )

What does Soy Carlos mean?

Soy is the you form of Ser Carlos is a name Soy Carlos means "I am Carlos"

What does soy asi asi mean?

"Soy" means "I am" referring not to how you are doing but to what you are like. "Soy asi" means "I am that way". So "Soy asi, asi" means "I am that way, that way" or "I am like that, like that". However this is probably a combination of two misunderstandings from a person learning Spanish. Many stud ( Full Answer )

What does a lquien soy yo mean?

Debió ser "a quien soy yo / al que yo soy". Sin más contexto no sepuede dar una traducción.

What does soy yo que esta buscando mean?

\n \n \n \n \n \n\n Translation: \nI am the one who is searching, \n\n Or I the one\nwho is being searched for \n\n \n \n Normal \n 0 \n \n \n \n \n false \n false \n false \n \n EN-US \n X-NONE \n X-NONE \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n \n ( Full Answer )

What does soi mean in English?

Soi is not an English word it is however in fact a word from the French language. When translated this word means self. There are many languages in the world and in some cases there is not a clear translation for every term known.

What does que means?

With an accent on the 'e', it means 'what?' as a question e.g. Que quiere usted? = What do you want? Que es esto? = What is this? Without an accent it means 'that', as in e.g. Me dice que no viene = He tells me (that) he's not coming El libro que tengo en mi bolsa = The book (that) I have ( Full Answer )

What does yo soy mexicana mean?

That's Spanish for "I am Mexican". Since "mexicana" is female, it is a woman that is speaking.

What does 'sois forte' mean?

"sois forte" is French and in English it means "be strong". Itwould be said to someone to encourage them emotionally.

What does the spanish word sois mean?

It is the equivalent to "son". Castillian (or European) Spanish = vosotros sois inteligentes Latin America Spanish = Ustedes son inteligentes.