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Please re-write your question with a bit more clarity.. I think you are trying to find out "WHY SHOULD A PERSON NOT BE IMPRISONED FOR NON PAYMENT OF DEBT"

Provided that is the question put forward..for the record,some countries in the World like the UAE,DUBAI-Bahrain -etc.. generally impose a prison sentence for non payment of debts,BUT in most developed Western democracies like the UK, USA and Europe-the courts generally take a lenient view, whereby these matters are dealt with under the CIVIL LAW-rather then CRIMINAL since most people who fall into arrears or can not meet their loan agreements ..are NOT CRIMINALS-thus should not be treated as such-with the exception being that there were no fraudulent activities /deception on the loan application at the time by the borrower,which would then be construed as a criminal matter.

Some financial matters like TAX evasion and certain types of Bankcruptcies where fraud is detected or deliberate witholding of Court fines and Council/property Tax can make the defaulter liable for imprisonment,however.

Finally...All praise should go to the constitutional experts of these developed nations,since by keeping these matters in the domain of the Civil Courts,this remains a deterrent for any LOAN SHARKS-and unscrupelous lenders to blackmail and harass the borrower.

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Q: Reasons Why is there no person shall be imprisoned for non payment of debt?
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