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no no no no no no no no they will drownd right when they hit water u should give you turtle sand to lay them in please

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Do red eared sliders lay eggs in or out of water?

out of the water they will dround in water

Does a male red eared slider lay eggs?

No, only female red eared sliders lay eggs.

What types of turtles lay unfertilized eggs?

red eared sliders sometimes lay unfertilized eggs.

How should you take care of a red eared slider turtles eggs?

No need to care for it. There are already enough red eared sliders in the world.

Do red eared sliders lay eggs?

Yes, like all other turtles Red Eared Slider Turtles lay eggs. There is no species of turtle that gives birth to live young.

How often do red eared sliders lay eggs?

once a year ever breeding season if they find a mate

Who digs the hole for laying eggs for red eared sliders the girl or boy?

The female of every turtle species digs the hole right before she lays the eggs.

Can res turtles lay eggs in sand that's in the water?

No. Semi-Aquatic Turtles like the Red eared Slider will only lay eggs on land, not under water.

What month do red eared sliders lay there eggs?

You're the guy that asked god knows how many questions about red eared sliders aren't you? Sorry. Anyway no one can tell you what month exactly. Just know they lay their eggs in spring. Geckomaster P.S. To get all this info your looking for just find a good website on google or something.

How often do Red Eared Sliders lay unfertilized eggs?

Once a decade usually or even a century! Just joking! They lay unfertilized eggs about 10 times in 2 years

Can a red eared turtle lay eggs in the water?

She could - but the eggs wouldn't hatch.

Why do red eared sliders bite their eggs?

I wouldn't know for sure... but my guess (PURE guess) would be to check if the egg has the right hardness... or something? Underdeveloped eggs means underdeveloped offspring >.>

Can a turtle lay unfertilized eggs?

yes. I have 2 females Red-Eared Sliders each 21 years old and one has laid eggs every couple of years for at least the past 10 years

Do all red eared sliders live in water?

Yes, red eared sliders are strictly aquatic reptiles. This means that they spend the majority of their lives in water, but they do require to be able to come out onto land whenever they feel the need to. They need to come onto land in order to dry out their shell and skin, this will help reduce the risk of fungus and parasite infection. Also, their eggs are lain on land and they may grab at a couple of bugs for a snack. So although they do mainly live in water, land is still a necessity.

What does red ear slider turtles eggs look like?

A red eared sliders egg is very small. It is a white and kind of brown. The egg is about 5 centimeters long.

When do yellow belly sliders lay eggs?

yellow belly sliders, lay eggs when they are about 2 or 3 years old.

Will it harm the red eared slider to drop her eggs while she is in water?

It won't harm the turtle - but the eggs should be removed from the water as soon as possible.

Why do crabs lay their eggs in water?

Crabs are an aquatic species, they live under water, they do everything under water, so naturally they will also lay their eggs under water.

Can Red eared slider turtles eat boiled chicken eggs?

Yes, but only as a treat. Turtles need a varied diet, and Red Eared Sliders move to a more plant based diet as they grow. Giving them too much protein can cause odd shell growth, and eventual deformation.

Do you need to take your red-eared slider's eggs out of the water?

Absolutely ! Otherwise the developing embryos will drown !

How do water bugs get into water?

Their eggs are layed under water.

Are red eared slider eggs hard or soft?

Their eggs are hard. Since ALL EGGS are hard

Can a red footed tortoise lay unfertilized eggs?

yes. I have 2 females Red-Eared Sliders each 21 years old and one has laid eggs every couple of years for at least the past 10 years . Do i dont see why a Red footed tortoise wound not be able to

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