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Signal Transduction

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It's signal transduction, I'm sure of it.

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Q: Relaying a message from a receptor protein to a molecule that performs a specific function within a cell is called?
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What is the molecule called that can bind to a receptor protein?

The molecule that can bind to a receptor protein is called a ligand.

What binds to a signal molecule enabling the cell to respond to the signal molecule?

receptor proteins bind to signal molecules

What is a molecule that acts as signal when it binds to a receptor?

Intracellular receptor

The cancer-causing forms of the Ras protein are involved in which of the following processes?

relaying a signal from a growth factor receptor

What is a molecule that is generated when a specific substance attaches to a receptor on the outside of a cell membrane which produces a change in cellular function?

Second messengerSecond Messenger

When a signal molecule binds to a receptor protein the receptor protein may change the?


What enables a cell to pick up and concentrate a specific kind of molecule?

Receptor-mediated endocytosis: only a specific molecule, called a ligand, can bind to the receptor. Without receptor binding occurring first, endocytosis does not proceed.

What is a channel linked receptor?

A channel linked receptor transduces functions of the same protein molecule. An example of a channel linked receptor are neurotransmitters in the brain.

An allosteric receptor embedded in a cell membrane will change shape only?

when a signal molecule fits the shape of the receptor

How do sensory receptors work?

A receptor is generally a recognition molecule situated on the surface of a cell. A receptor is a molecule that is sensitive to a particular signal and is also able to transmit information to the nucleus in order to control gene regulation. In order for a receptor to function, it must first be activated. The binding of a ligand to the receptor places the receptor in the activated state. Once the receptor is activated, it is now able to transmit signal to the interior of the cell.

An enzyme and a membrane receptor molecule are similar?

acts as catalysts

Is CD4 an adhesion molecule?

The glycoprotein CD4 is a co-receptor. A co-receptor is "a cell surface receptor, which, when bound to its respective ligand, modulates antigen receptor binding or affects cellular activation after antigen-receptor interactions." (MediLexicon)