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Religion and Philosophy of the Sui Dynasty?

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I think it is Buddhism.

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He is a ruler to the Sui Dynasty.

Sui Dynasty was created in 581.

Sui Dynasty ended in 618.

Although there was no official state religion during the Sui Dynasty, Buddhism became the de facto state religion during Emperor Wen's reign. Confucianism was also present but in decline and Taoism retained a strong following.

Sui Dynasty was famous for their products and trade

The main religion throughout China at that time was Taoism, a religion. The next, more substantial, dynasty chronologically, the Han Dynasty, still followed Taoism, but it supported Confucianism, a philosophy, much more than the Qin Dynasty.

the sui dynasty began some time in the past

General Wendi founded the Sui dynasty

Because she was nasty and dynasty sounds like "the nasty"

They invented many things such as block printing, chess etc. The Sui dynasty is a very old dynasty

no, they did not allow anything but the philosophy of legalism

Wikipedia has information on the Sui dynasty. See the related link for it.

THE SUI DYNASTY WAS KNOWN FOR FARMING AND HAVING TO PAY TAXES and that's what they were mostly known for!

The Sui was one of the shortest lasting dynasty of all of them. (581-618).

Yang Yichen - Sui Dynasty - died in 617.

Li Mi - Sui Dynasty - died in 619.

Li Mi - Sui Dynasty - was born in 582.

It is considered both a philosophy and religion the religion was made during the Han dynasty and was based off the ideas of the philosophy. It is probably the most common religion in China right now

No the Tang Dynasty did. No the Tang Dynasty did.

The Jin dynasty (265 - 420) preceded the Sui dynasty (581 - 618), in between there was an interregnum called the Northern and Southern dynasties.


Wendi used Buddhism and her clan that was popular in China to establish the Sui dynasty.

Reuniting China was one of the major accomplishments of the Sui dynasty. Another was the construction of the Grand Canal.

They made the Tang Dynasty lose everything.

Confucianism is the religion the Han dynasty followed to help clear up problems with rights and ceremonies. Later it was promoted to a cultural philosophy, royla religion and state cult.

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